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Cobra LTDx Blackout Drivers: Who Are They For?

The Cobra LTDx series of drivers have recently hit the market and has many golfers impressed with the technology that it has to offer. However, in addition to this LTDx series, Cobra also released a limited edition set of Cobra LTDx Blackout Drivers. The Blackout Drivers are impressive and sleek, and they have a black and grey total design that really stands out. However, with three of these Blackout Drivers to choose from and lots of competing technology on the market, it’s important to understand who will benefit the most from these clubs. 

Cobra LTDx Blackout Drivers Features and Benefits

The Cobra LTDx Blackout drivers feature a premium aftermarket LIN-Q White shaft. This is unique for Cobra and not something we have seen in previous driver releases. The LIN-Q shaft has much more stability and impact and increases overall consistency. 

In addition, the club is one of the fastest golf drivers that Cobra has ever created. You will be able to track your results with the Arcos smart grip that each Blackout Driver comes with. 

There is a unique balance of front and back weighting that makes the driver a good option for all golf playing types. Whether you are a low handicapper or a high handicapper, there is a Cobra LTDx Blackout for you. 

As we have come to expect with Cobra, there is always going to be adjustability in the clubhead, making it easy to achieve your golf shot goals. For players looking for maximum distance, the PWR-Cor technology will bring you those extra yards you need. 

Cobra LTDx LS

The Cobra LTDx LS is the low spin version of this driver. For most lower handicap players with high swing speeds, this is the driver that will make the most sense to choose. With the Cobra LTDx LS, golfers will find that it is easy to work the ball and create the shot shape you are looking for. This is also the lowest launching of the three Blackout models from Cobra. 

Cobra LTDx

For the mid handicapper that still likes the lower spin driver but needs a bit more help when it comes to launch, the Cobra LTDx is a great option to consider. With the Cobra LTDx, players will be pleasantly surprised by the impressive forgiveness they are able to get and the distance even on those missed hits. 

Cobra LTDx Max

The Cobra LTDx Max has extreme forgiveness, probably one of the most forgiving golf drivers Cobra has made. For those that need help launching the ball and require some extra forgiveness and feel, the Cobra LTDx Max is a great option to consider. 


Hopefully, you can see the benefit of these Cobra LTDx Blackout drivers. Whether you are new to the game or a scratch golfer, Cobra puts out an impressive range of golf clubs to choose from. This is a limited edition series, and it makes sense to jump on this purchase before the clubs sell out. At Fairway Jockey, you can get the Cobra LTDx Blackout drivers ordered to your exact specifications. 


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