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Jon Rahm WITB - The American Express Winner

When you first started playing the game of golf, you were probably warned that you would lose a lot more than you win in this sport. In fact, the hard reality is that most people never win in the game of golf. Unless, of course, you are Jon Rahm. In the last two tournaments that Rahm has started, he has won. When we took a look at his bag between those two events, we noticed there were no changes. However, the changes from last year are apparent, and this start to the season for Rahm says quite a bit about what golfers can expect from the Callaway Paradym line. 


Jon Rahm is still playing with his new Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond driver. Even though he had a great year with the Callaway Rogue X from last year, the Paradym certainly seems to be a fit. The driver in his bag is a 10.5 degree, and it features an Aldila, our Green ATX 75 shaft. As you can see from his performance, the distance and high launch are certainly no cause for concern. 

It’s always interesting to see how professional golfers make the transition from their clubs last year to the clubs this year and the impact that has on their golf games. Clearly, Rahm’s has been positive. 

Fairway Wood 

Rahm carries two fairway woods, a 3-wood, and a 5 wood, and they are both from the new Callaway Paradym line. 

The 3 wood is a Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond T with 16 degrees of loft. The shaft in the club is an Aldila Tour Green ATX 85 shaft. With the higher loft and impressive shaft, there is a lot that Rahm can do with this club in his hands. 

The 5 wood is the Paradym Triple Diamond T with 18 degrees of loft. The shaft in this one is a little different; it is a popular tour model called the Graphite Design Tour AD DI 8 X. 


To help bridge the gap between the irons and the fairway woods, Rahm plays with a Callaway Apex UT with 21 degrees of loft. This club has a KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype 105x shaft. The graphite model shaft makes it a little easier to maximize distance and increase total ball flight. 

The other irons in the set, in the 4-PW, are the Callaway Apex TCB. The TCB irons were in the bag last year from Rahm, and they have a standard Project X 125 6.5. 


For Callaway players, the Jaws Raw wedges are an easy choice. Rahm has them in 52, 56, and 60 degrees. These wedges feature the Project X 125 6.5 shafts to help match the irons and keep plenty of consistency in the golf bag. 


Jon Rahm is playing with an Odyssey Rossie S White Hot OG putter. This is a classic-looking club, and it has helped Rahm with confidence in both the short and the long putts. Even if you don’t have the swing speed that Jon Rahm does, there is nothing stopping you from playing with a putter like the Odyssey Rossie S White Hot OG. 

Fairway Jockey has all of the clubs that Jon Rahm used to win the American Express Championship, and you can custom order them to the needs of your golf game. 


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