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Lee Hodges WITB - 3M Open Winner

Lee Hodges is now a PGA Tour winner. This was a week that was all about Lee, and if you had any doubt about that, you can look at his scores and position from rounds 1, 2, 3, and 4. Hodges played incredibly well and was always in the lead. His golf clubs certainly performed the way he needed them to throughout the entire event. Hodges is a Titleist golfer, and you will see he has a mix of equipment that perfectly suits the needs of his game. 


The Titleist TSR2 Driver is the driver of choice for Hodges. He was able to keep the ball long and straight with this club throughout the entire round. Hodges plays with only 8.0 degrees of loft on his driver. The lower loft helps him control spin. 

In addition, he has a Fujikura Speeder 757 Evolution VI TX shaft in place. Another great choice for a faster swing speed golfer. 

Fairway Wood and Hybrid 

Hodges has both a fairway wood and a hybrid. The fairway wood is a Titleist TSR3 set at 15 degrees. This club features the UST Mamiya LIN-Q M40X 8F5 shaft. The Titleist TSR 3 line has lots of workability and lower spin for better players. 

The Hybrid is also a TSR3; this one has 21 degrees of loft. The shaft in the Titleist TSR3 hybrid is the KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype 95 X. This one is hard for amateur golfers to get their hands on, but if tour prototypes perform well, they often are released to the general public. 


Like many Titleist players on the PGA Tour, Lee Hodges has a mixed set of irons. He plays with a Titleist T100 in the 4-6 iron and the Titleist 620 CB in the 7-9 irons. The shafts in these irons are the KBS Tour C-Taper 130 X

When it comes to wedges, Hodges moves right into the SM9 and does not use the standard 620 CB pitching wedge. 


Like most Titleist golfers, the Vokey SM9 is the wedge of choice. Lee Hodges carries four of them. The lofts are 46, 52, 56, and 60 degrees. In the 46 and 52, he plays with the KBS Tour C-Taper 130 X, the same as the one in the irons. 

However, when he switches to the 56 and 60, the shaft is a KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 125S shaft. 


For the putter in the bag, you will find another prototype, no surprise here from Hodges, but a Scotty Cameron putter. His particular model is the Scotty Cameron Golo 6 Tour Prototype

Final Thoughts

At this point, you should have a better feel for the golf clubs that Lee Hodges used to win the 3M Open. He is a brand-loyal golfer sticking with Titleist throughout. Very importantly, he also tries to create some consistency in the golf shafts that he uses in his bag. If you think any of the clubs in Hodges bag could be a fit for your game, take a look at the custom options that Fairway Jockey has to offer. 


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