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Lucas Herbert WITB - Bermuda Championship Winner

Although the PGA Tour season may not be in its prime at the moment, there is still some fantastic talent out there fighting as hard as they can for a championship. Lucas Hebert came out on top at the Butterfield Bermuda Championship this past weekend. Although we have seen his name around for quite some time, it was great to see Hebert make it to the top of the leaderboard. We took a look inside Hebert’s golf bag and found quite a few TaylorMade products. Let’s take a look at some of the specifics. 


Hebert is currently playing a TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver that is set at 8.75 degrees. He is not the only tour player that lowers the loft considerably on the TaylorMade SIM 2 driver. There is something about the way that TaylorMade helped golfers get launch that keeps the professionals dropping the lofts and becoming more efficient with that penetrating ball flight. Certainly, Hebert gets plenty of distance and consistency at this 8.75 degrees of loft. 


Currently, Lucas Hebert gets by with just one fairway wood in the bag. This is a TaylorMade SIM fairway wood set at 15.5. The shaft is a Mitsubishi Diamana DF 80 TX golf shaft with plenty of strength and durability for the golfer with swing speeds as fast as Hebert. 


Hebert carries the TaylorMade P790 UDI in the three iron, and then the 4-PW are all the TaylorMade P7TW. The TaylorMade P7TW golf irons are blade-style irons, and they all feature the True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 golf shafts. With these irons in play, you can get tremendous consistency and accuracy. 


The wedges in Lucas Hebert’s golf bag include the TaylorMade MG3 in the 50, 54, and 60-degree lofts. With Hebert holding the traditional pitching wedge in the P7TW irons in his bag, this is the perfect wedge loft combination. Golf wedges should blend well into the iron design; the MG3 certainly does so with the P7TW. 


Last but certainly not least is the putter that sealed the deal at the Bermuda Championship for Hebert. The players with a TaylorMade Spider X putter, a model, and design that we have seen, become more and more popular through the years. The great thing about the Spider X Putter is that it is incredibly stable and consistent at impact. For golfers that can develop a solid stroke, the Spider X putter becomes very predictable. 


One of the best things about Lucas Hebert’s golf bag is that all of the clubs and shafts are accessible to the average golfer. If you are a player that likes TaylorMade products and felt like Hebert had the kind of round that you would like to have, you can put any of these clubs in your bag. Your specs won’t entirely be the same as Lucas Hebert, and that is where it makes sense to work with Fairway Jockey to understand the proper specifications for your needs as a player.