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Max Homa WITB - Farmers Insurance Open Winner

Although it didn't always look like it was going to be his turn to win, Max Homa has done it again at the Farmers Insurance Open. Not only is Max, a great golfer, but he's a family man and a friend to many. It's fun to see him win and listen to his commentary about the game. We know Max is a Titleist guy, and we were curious to see if he had any new Titleist equipment in his bag to win the Farmers Insurance Open. 


The driver that Homa used to win the Farmers Insurance Open is the Titleist TSR3. The club was set at 10 degrees and featured the Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Black 65 TX. The TSR3 is the most workable of the Titleist TSR golf drivers and is known for having impressive accuracy and feel. 

Fairway Woods 

More and more professional golfers have been moving towards a 7 wood in the golf bag. It's an interesting concept but proven to work quite well. 

Homa carries two fairway woods in his bag. The first is a Titleist TSR3 with 16.5 degrees of loft and a Fujikura Ventus Blue TR 8 X golf shaft. In addition, he has the TSR2 with 21 degrees of loft and a Graphite Design Tour AD XC 9 TX shaft. 

Interestingly the driver and both fairway woods all feature different golf shafts. 


Max Homa has a unique set of irons that is a bit mixed. For his 4 iron he uses a Titleist T100S. For the five iron, he switches to a standard T100. In the 6-9 iron, the Titleist 620MB is what you will find in the bag. 

Mixing the iron set up a bit helps to ensure that there is the proper mix of forgiveness, distance and feel throughout. Titleist makes this easy by offering so many great club selections for the lower handicap golfers. All of Max Homa's irons feature the KBS Tour $-Taper 130X. 


Titleist guys have it easy when it comes to choosing the best wedges on the market. Max Homa has the 46, 50, 56, and 60 degree Vokey SM9 wedges in this bad. The 46 degree wedge has the same KBS Tour $-Taper 130X shaft as the irons. 

The other wedges in the bag feature the KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 125 S shaft. 


The only one of the clubs in Max Homa's bag you can find at Fairway Jockey is the Scotty Cameron T- 5.5 prototypes. We know Scotty tests their putters on the PGA Tour before they come to market. With the performance Homa had on Saturday at the Farmers. Hopefully, this is a putter we all can use at some point. 

Final Thoughts 

Although the shaft configuration that Max Homa has in his bag may not be the best for your golf game, Fairway Jockey offers customization throughout the entire set. If you are interested in finding a similar set makeup, we can help you get that done. Max Homa has a ton of talent, but he wouldn't have been able to pull off this win if he didn't fully trust his equipment. 


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