WITB Jason Kokrak - Houston Open Winner

Winning on the PGA Tour is tough; however, winning three times in 13 months is an entirely different feat. Jason Kokrak is a fun and enjoyable player to watch that makes all amateurs feel as though they could eventually shoot lower scores. Kokrak is relatable, and it’s hard to root against him. When you find a player like this that is easy to cheer on, sometimes it helps to know what clubs they are playing in their bag. Kokrak plays with a mix of clubs from TaylorMade, PXG, and Titleist. Let’s take a deeper look into the bag of Jason Kokrak. 


The Driver used to win the Houston Open was the TaylorMade SIM in a 9 degree. Even with the release of the SIM 2, Kokrak chose to keep his golf driver the same. Sometimes when a club is performing well, it doesn’t pay to switch things up. The SIM 2 is said to have a bit of extra distance, but it is also an entirely different shape, one that won’t appeal to all players. 

Fairway Woods

When you look at these golf club combinations that pros have, it’s somewhat rare to find a player that has two fairway woods in the bag. Some players go directly from the driver down to the utility club.

However, Kokrak is a golfer that enjoys the technology offered in a fairway wood, and he has two in his bag. The first is a TaylorMade SIM 2 in a 15 degree three wood. The other is a TaylorMade SIM 2 Max 7 wood in 21 degrees. Both of these golf clubs feature the True Temper Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.5 80 TX


Jason Kokrak plays with the PXG 0311T Gen4 golf irons. These irons will be in the 4-PW, and they come with the X100 golf shaft. The PXG clubs, as popular as they are, are not as well known on the PGA Tour. 

The thing that helps PXG stand out is the impressive feel and workability. Clearly, Kokrak feels as though he can get these irons to do what he needs them to do. 


Continuing with the PXG, Kokrak plays with a PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy Wedge in the 52 degrees. This club has a True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 golf shaft, and it blends in well with the iron set in the bag. 

For the 56 degrees wedge you will find a Vokey SM8 and the same in the 60-degree wedge. All three wedges have the same True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400. You will find that many PGA Tour players choose to keep a consistent shaft in the golf wedges to improve feel and precision. 


The putter that helped to seal the deal on that five-under final round for Kokrak to win the Houston Open was the Bettinardi Studio Stock 38. This putter has a SuperStroke Pistol GT and is known for having an impeccable feel around the greens. 

Even though Jason Kokrak has a wide range of equipment in his bag, there is likely something that would work for your game on this list. Try to think about feel and precision when you choose golf clubs.