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WITB Joaquin Niemann - Genesis Invitational Winner

Being just 23 years old and having two PGA Tour wins under your belt is quite impressive. Joaquin Niemann is an impressive young player that lead the Genesis Invitational from Thursday to Sunday. His playing style is unique, and his swing speed is impressive. If you are thinking you may need to work on becoming a bit more like Niemann, we have all the details on the equipment he had in his bag to win the Genesis Invitational. 


When Joaquin Niemann first started on the PGA Tour, he was not sponsored by any individual club manufacturer and therefore had a mix of clubs in his golf bag. At this point, he has a relationship with Ping, and every club in the bag is a Ping golf club. The driver is the Ping G410 LST with 10.5 degrees of loft and the Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6 X

Fairway Woods

Niemann carries two fairway woods, the Ping G425 Max in 14.5 degrees and the Ping G425 in 20.5 degrees. Both of these fairway woods have the Graphite Design Tour AD DI 8X golf shaft. This shaft is slightly heavier than the driver shaft giving Niemann just a bit more control with this club in his hand. 

For this particular tournament, Niemann did not carry any hybrids or utilities, but there are times that a hybrid golf club can be found in his bag. 


The irons are the new Ping iBlade in the 4-9 iron. We are seeing more and more PGA Tour professionals stop their iron set at the 9 iron and switch to a matching set of wedges. This is done for more consistency and a better feel in the short game, but it may be something that amateur players should consider as well. The irons in Niemann's bag all have the Project X 6.0 golf shaft. 


The wedges are the Ping Glide 3.0 in the 46-degree loft to replace the pitching wedge. The Glide Forged Pro can be found in the 52, 56, and 60-degree lofts. The pitching wedge and the Project X 6.5, but the other three wedges all have the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400


You can’t win a tournament when your putter isn’t working. Niemann's putter was on fire at the Genesis Invitational. To be the youngest player to win this event, you will need a putter that you have full confidence in. Niemann is playing with the Prototype Ping PLD Anser. This putter has a tremendous feel and brings back some of the same technology and reasoning as to why the Anser putters first put Ping on the map. 

If you like Ping golf clubs, check out the selection from Fairway Jockey available in almost any customization you could ever want. Ping clubs offer tremendous feel, precision, and distance. However, the shaft combinations that Niemann uses may not be the exact configuration you need. Luckily you can modify these things to get the perfect match for your game.