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WITB SungJae Im - Shriners Open Winner

When a golfer wins on the PGA Tour, it plants the seed that this is possible. One winner is never enough. Players will strive to do whatever they can to get more wins and improve their already strong player profile. Shooting 62 in the final round of the Shriners Open certainly deserves a spot at the top of the leaderboard. For Sungjae Im this was the perfect way to secure a second victory on the PGA Tour. If you are curious what clubs let to this nearly perfect round of golf, we have all the answers you need. Sungjae Im is a Titleist guy who is very precise about the equipment that he players. 


The current driver in Sungjae Im’s golf bag is a Titleist TSi2. The driver is set at 8 degrees which is quite a bit lower than the standard setting for most amateurs; the lower lofts allow Im to control the ball flight a bit more. The shaft comes with a Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7 X. The premium Graphite Design Tour shafts are found throughout all of Sungjae Im’s longer clubs. 

Fairway Woods/Hybrid

Im carries a Titleist TS3 fairway wood. He has this set at 13.5 degrees and has not switched to the newest Titleist series just yet. However, the shaft is the Graphite Design Tour AD DI 8 X. He likes the similar feel between the driver and three wood shaft with slightly different weighting. 

Sungjae Im’s hybrid is a Titleist 818H2 at 19 degrees. 


The irons that Sungjae Im used on Sunday at the Shriners event to throw darts at the pins are the Titleist T100 in the 4-9 and then Titleist T200 in the 3 iron. The switch to the T200 in the 3 iron just gives a little more forgiveness with this difficult-to-hit lower lofted golf club. All of the irons have a True Temper Dynamic Gold X100. The TT Dynamic Gold X100 is one of the most popular golf iron shafts on the PGA Tour. 


When you are a Titleist player, you will be in luck when it comes to wedges. Titleist makes some of the best wedges in the game, and Im carries three of the Titleist SM7 wedges in his bag. There is a 47 degree, 54 degrees and a 60 degree. This loft gap gives Im quite a bit of versatility in his short game. 


To shoot 62 on a Sunday of a PGA Tour event, your putter needs to be on fire. This is precisely what we saw with Sungjae Im on Sunday at Shriners. The Scotty Cameron Flowback 5CS is the perfect putter style for his solid stroke. You can see the confidence that this putter instills in Im. 


Overall you can see that Sungjae Im’s golf bag is a design and setup specifically built for a great player. This equipment is for a golfer who likes to work the ball and hit very precise golf shots. If you think any of these clubs could be a match for you, you can get them custom-fitted to your needs at Fairway Jockey.