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WITB Team Daly - PNC Championship Winners

There is something about watching John Daly win again that brings almost any true golf fan a little closer to the game. We have observed John Daly through the years, from the highs to the lows, and he always brings some great entertainment value. Getting to watch John Daly II join him was even more fun. If you are curious about what this impressive team was carrying in their bag, we have all the information you need. 

John Daly 


John Daly has a relationship with Tour Edge, and at this point in his career, he is almost exclusively using the Tour Edge products. The PGA Tour presence from Tour Edge is not quite as strong as other companies, but there are certainly some great options there. The driver in the back is currently the Tour Edge Exotics X721 set at 9.5 degrees. 

Long Game

Daly hits the ball a long way, and he has some interesting long game choices to help him with this. In his bag, you will find a Tour Edge Exotics EXS Pro 3 Wood and the Tour Edge Exotics EXS Pro Hybrid. In addition, there is an EXS 220 Ti Utility in the three loft. 

Irons & Wedges

The irons are the EXS Blade in the 5-9 iron. These irons are clean-looking and allow for quite a bit of versatility. The wedges match the iron set and are featured in a 50,54, and 60 degree loft. 


The only club in the bag that strays from the Tour Edge brand is the putter. John Daly has a Scotty Cameron Special Select Fastback 1.5. Although we know Daly for his long game, his performance with the putter is quite impressive. 

John Daly II


John Daly II plays with several different brands of golf clubs as playing professionally is not exactly his path at the moment. The driver in the bag is a Ping G425 LST set at 9 degrees. John Daly II certainly inherited some clubhead speed from his dad. 

Long Game

As far as the long game is concerned, the TaylorMade SIM 2 Titanium Rocket 3 is the only fairway wood in John Daly II bag. He does also carry a three-iron in the slightly more forgiving TaylorMade P790. The wider sole and larger sweet spot help this club perform a bit better from difficult lies. 

Irons and Wedges 

For the iron game, John Daly II sticks with the TaylorMade brand. The 4-PW are the TaylorMade P7MC, and the wedges are the TaylorMade MG2 in the 50,56 and 60-degree lofts. 


Like father like son on the putter choice. John Dally II puts with a Scotty Cameron Futura T5W. 

These two golf bags are quite a bit different, but they are designed to help two very high swing speed golfers with a tremendous history and future in the game. Watching our favorite PGA Tour players come out and compete with their children is the best thing that can happen to the game of golf.


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