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Bettinardi Studio B Reserve Violet Haze PVD BB28 Slotback Putter

Dexterity: RH
Length: 35"

Product Overview

In conjunction with the release of our new BB Series, we're offering every model in our Violet Haze PVD finish. This finish blends art and science and features such a rich palette of colors across each individual model.

After a successful debut in the last BB line, RJB took his BB28 back to the workshop for some artful and game-changing modifications resulting in the newly refined BB28 Slotback. The new and improved wide-body blade is slightly more compact, with shortened heel-to-toe and pocket lengths, while also featuring taller muscles and bumpers. The slotback milled from the flange serves as a natural alignment aid, allowing you to frame the ball perfectly at address. The near-face-balanced BB28 Slotback has a single bend shaft that flows seamlessly into the spud neck, providing a three-quarter shaft of offset for simple setup and a consistently effortless putting stroke.

Loft: 3*

Lie: 70*

Weight: 352g

Dexterity: RH
Length: 35"