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Fujikura Speeder Evolution VII Wood Shaft

Product Description

Fujikura Speeder Evolution VII Driver and Fairway Wood Shaft:

Introducing Fujikura Speeder Evolution VII Shaft. Pursue a great carry with a large carry by "evolution of a new sense of acceleration". An updated grip with a rigid design that matches the latest head. It also helps to stabilize the swing rhythm by combining the ease of switching back and forth. Furthermore, the impact zone that can be pushed in is realized by the ultra-high elastic carbon fiber plain weave sheet "70t carbon cloth" used in EVO VI. Experience a new sense of acceleration.


Super high elasticity carbon fiber plain weave sheet "70t carbon cloth" - Carbon cloth (plain fabric) has very little gap between layers, suppresses blurring at impact, and improves stability in distance and direction. By using a cloth of ultra-high elasticity 70t, it improves the feeling of flipping and changes the feeling of hitting. It is a shaft with low energy loss and excellent transmission efficiency.

Multi-hoop ply laminated design - The deformation of the shaft is suppressed by using two hoop layers that suppress crushing to be laminated on the inner and outer layers of the shaft. A proper amount of bending enhances swing reproducibility.

Fujikura Composite "Copper foil sheet" made by patented MCT® technology -  By stacking copper foil under the grip, you can prevent the hand from floating from the turning back to the impact zone. Realized a solid impact at speed.

MCT® technology - Center of gravity adjustment technology to maximize carbon design freedom. Fujikura shaft's latest technology enables carbon and metal composites.

- Available in 5 models based on its weights

Fujikura Speeder Evolution VII Wood Shaft

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