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Gankas Sports

George Gankas GBox - Junior Set


Product Overview

If you want to increase your speed, have a better low point, and better face control through your pivot to give you that perfect turn as you swing, then this is the training aid for you. Developed by one of the world's top golf coaches, George Gankas has worked with thousands of players, from beginners to Top PGA. He created this device seeing the need for aid for all levels of players to perfect that turn and body structure to achieve the dream swing.


The G box comes with a QR code giving you access to drills and exercises as well as an option to join the VIP list.



The belt is designed to fit juniors, kids and petite adults with a minimum size of 24 inches and maximum size of 36 inches around the waist. Please measure your waist above your hip line. One box has a white stripe and each is made of versatile neoprene. A velcro attachment on the back of the boxes enable you to attach it to the belt at your seam line.

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