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Graphite Design Chichibu 40 Wood Shaft

Product Description

The Graphite Design Chichibu 40 are individually hand-crafted to very tight tolerances, the Chichibu shafts use premium, ultra-thin aerospace quality carbon-fiber materials to obtain a lightweight characteristic, as well as to provide the golfer with a shaft that possesses superior response and feedback at impact. You can purchase the Graphite Design Chichibu 40 in the following flexes: Regular, Stiff Regular, Stiff, Stiff Plus. You can purchase the Chichibu 40 with the adaptor sleeve of your choice, built to your required specifications.

PRO TIP: The Graphite Design Chichibu 40 is ideal for the player with a driver swing speed range of 60-85mph. They have a soft tip profile and a low kick point that will produce a high launch and mid spin rates.

Graphite Design Chichibu 40 Wood Shaft

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