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adstype: woods
Graphite Design Tour AD GP Wood Shaft

Graphite Design Tour AD GP Wood Shaft

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The Graphite Design Tour AD GP utilizes the latest in graphite material from Toray Industries, Inc., TORAYCA T1100G carbon-fiber pre-preg with NANOALLOY technology in the tip section of the shaft for additional shaft stability, exceptional feel and precise ball control. You can purchase the Graphite Design Tour AD GP in the following models: GP-4, GP-5, GP-6, GP-7, GP-8. You can buy the Graphite Design Tour AD GP with the adaptor sleeve of choice built to your required specifications.

JOCKEY TIP: The Tour AD GP is designed with a very stiff tip, and stiffer mid to butt section, to promote a mid-launch condition and low spin. (The GP-4's will launch higher than any other GP in the shaft family)


Torque (degrees)
Weight (g)
4 R2
4 R1R5.748MidHigh
4 SS5.748MidHigh
5 R2L/A4.355Low/MidMid/High
5 R1R4.356Low/MidMid/High
5 SS4.357LowMid
6 SRSR3.164LowMid
6 SS3.166LowMid
6 XX3.167LowMid
7 SS2.975LowMid
7 XX2.976LowMid
8 SS2.784LowMid
8 XX2.785LowMid