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Graphite Design Tour AD MJ Wood Shaft

Graphite Design Tour AD MJ Wood Shaft

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The Graphite Design Tour AD MJ utilizes premium, aerospace quality 50t carbon-fiber materials to provide the best performing shaft available. The Tour AD MJ also utilizes the 3rd generation version of the Toray Nano-alloy material technology known as "DI Technology" in the tip section of the shaft. You can purchase the Graphite Design Tour AD MJ in the following models: MJ-5, MJ-6, MJ-7.  You can buy the Graphite Design Tour AD MJ with the adaptor sleeve of choice built to your required specifications.

JOCKEY TIP: The Graphite Design Tour AD MJ is ideal for the player that values a higher launch with low spin. The softer tip, and stiffer mid to butt section, provides additional shaft stability, exceptional feel and precise ball control.


Torque (degrees)
Weight (g)
5 R2L/A4.753MidMid/High
5 R1R4.753MidMid/High
5 SS4.755Low/MidMid/High
6 SRSR3.461Low/MidMid/High
6 SS3.462Low/MidMid/High
6 XX3.464Low/MidMid/High
7 SS3.271Low/MidMid
7 XX3.272Low/MidMid
8 SS2.883Low/MidMid
8 XX2.884Low/MidMid