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adstype: woods
Graphite Design Tour AD TP Wood Shaft

Graphite Design Tour AD TP Wood Shaft

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The Graphite Design Tour AD TP, like all of the premium Tour AD wood shafts, utilizes premium, aerospace quality 50t carbon-fiber materials in order to deliver the best feeling and performing shaft available to golfers. Designed around new tooling, the Tour AD TP utilizes a technology called Fast Taper Technology "FTT". This technology incorporates a faster taper rate from the lower mid-section to the tip of the shaft than previous Tour AD wood shaft models. The Fast Taper Technology provides the overall feeling of greater club head control at impact and an increase in clubhead speed through the swing. You can purchase the Graphite Design Tour AD TP in the following models: TP-4, TP-5, TP-6, TP-7, TP-8.  You can buy the Graphite Design Tour AD TP with the adaptor sleeve of choice built to your required specifications.

JOCKEY TIP: The Graphite Design Tour AD TP is ideal for the player that is looking for a stiff tip profile to promote a mid/high launch pattern with low spin. This shaft delivers an exceptional feel and precise ball control with additional shaft stability.


Torque (degrees)
Weight (g)
4 R2
4 R1R5.747MidHigh
4 SS5.748MidHigh
5 R2L/A4.454Low/MidMid/High
5 R1R4.456Low/MidMid/High
5 SS4.457LowMid/High
6 SRSR3.264LowMid/High
6 SS3.265LowMid/High
6 XX3.267LowMid/High
6 TXTX3.268LowMid/High
7 SS3.073LowMid/High
7 XX3.075LowMid/High
7 TXTX3.076LowMid/High
8 SS2.685LowMid/High
8 XX2.687LowMid/High