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Titleist Vokey SM9 WedgeWorks 54 M Grind Wedge

Dexterity: RH
Loft/Bounce: 54.08M

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Titleist Vokey SM9 WedgeWorks 54 M Grind Wedge

Introducing the Titleist Vokey SM9 WedgeWorks 54 M Grind Wedge, meticulously crafted by the legendary Master Craftsman, Bob Vokey. Known as Vokey's most cherished tour grind, this wedge offers unparalleled shot manipulation capabilities for golfers seeking complete control around the greens. Now available on Fairway Jockey, this wedge is the ultimate weapon for players looking to elevate their short game to new heights.

Designed specifically for those who thrive on rotating the club face open and closed to manufacture precise shots, the 54 M Grind boasts a medium bounce and a sophisticated heel, toe, and trailing edge sole grind. This combination provides exceptional versatility, making it the ideal choice for golfers who frequently encounter medium to firm soil conditions or firmer bunkers.

Bob Vokey himself explains the essence of the 54 M Grind, stating, "It is also ideal for the golfer with a shallower, neutral, or more sweeping delivery who likes to play shots around the greens with the face in a variety of orientations or positions." With this wedge in your arsenal, you can confidently execute a wide range of shots, from delicate flops to crisp pitch shots, while maintaining complete control over the club face orientation.

Elevate your short game and unlock your true potential with the Titleist Vokey SM9 WedgeWorks 54 M Grind Wedge. Order now and experience the mastery of Bob Vokey firsthand, as you dominate the greens with unrivaled shot creativity and control.


Wedge TypeModelLoftLieLengthBounce/Sole GrindSwing Weight
Pitching46°46°64°35.75"10° (F)D3
Pitching48°48°64°35.75"10° (F)D3
Gap50°50°64°35.50"8° (F) | 12° (F)D3
Gap52°52°64°35.50"8° (F) | 12° (F)D3
Sand54°54°64°35.25"8º (M) | 10° (S) | 12° (D) | 14° (F)D5
Sand56°56°64°35.25"8° (M) | 10° (S) | 12° (D) | 14° (F)D5
Lob58°58°64°35.00"8° (M) | 10° (S) | 12° (D) | 14° (K)D5
Lob60°60°64°35.00"4° (L) | 8° (M) | 10° (S) | 12° (D)| 14° (K)D5
Lob62°62°64°35.00"8° (M)D5

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