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Best Driver Shaft for Seniors

Choosing the right driver shaft is the quickest way to improve distance, accuracy, and overall performance on the course. With a multitude of options flooding the market, selecting the best driver shaft can feel like navigating a maze. 

As the #1 online provider of aftermarket shafts in the industry, we're here to offer our expert insights on the best driver shafts to help individuals improve ball speed, carry distances without sacrificing stability and accuracy.

The shafts we will cover will benefit players in the 75-90 MPH swing speed range. These lightweight, high-launching shafts will help players increase their swing speed, hit the ball higher, and even help players maintain greater stamina throughout the round. 

Best Overall Driver Shafts For Seniors


The Accra GX Blue is an extremely lightweight shaft, as low as 45g in the M0 flex. Accra wood shafts have often been compared to Autoflex, one the most premium lightweight shafts in the industry, but at 1/3 of the price. And we can confirm that the Accra GX Blue, provides very similar performance to the Autoflex shaft.

ACCRA uses high modulus, low resin composite materials to minimize the wall thickness to enhance feedback, energy transfer, and most importantly smooth feel. 

Another great thing about the GX Blue is the large array of flex options which allows you to narrow in on the perfect flex, when other shafts often end up with some swing speeds being "in-between" flex's. Here are our recommended flex choices based off driving distance:

  • 180-200 yards total distance: GX 140 M0
  • 200-210 yards total distance: GX 140 M0
  • 220-230 yards total distance: GX 140 M1
  • 230-240 yards total distance: GX 140 M2
  • 240-250 yards total distance: GX 140 M3
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Oban Devotion

The Oban Devotion is a high launching, high spin shaft optimized to help lower swing speeds achieve maximum height and carry distance. Oban is a severely underrated shaft brand that has seen a lot of success amongst our customers. They specialize in custom shaft profiles, tailored to many player types.

For swing speeds under 75mph (180-210 yard driving distance) we recommend the Devotion 45 A flex. And those between 75-85mph (210-240 yard driving distance) we recommend the Devotion 55 A flex.

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Fujikura Ventus Red Wood

The ventus line from Fujikura is one of the most successful shaft lines on tour. Used by countless top tour pros, the ventus line offers one of the most stable shaft technologies in the industry. The ventus red model is the highest launching version of the three ventus shafts they offer, and this is a great option for senior players.

The ventus red is going to be slightly heavier than the accra GX and Oban devotion, so we recommend it for those that drive it at least 200 yards. The Ventus Red 5 R2 flex is the best choice for those that drive it between 200-225 yards.

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VA Composites Nemesys

Because it features one of the highest balance points in golf, the NEMESYS is unlike any shaft on the market or in the VA arsenal for that matter.

So, what are the benefits of a high balance shaft? It gives club fitters the added benefit of building clubs longer and maintaining swing weight. It also allows a fitter to cut to standard length, add additional weight to the head, and still maintain standardized swing weights. The result is greater distance!

For swing speeds under 75mph (180-200 yrd driving distance) we recommend the Nemesys 45 A flex. And those between 75-85mph (200-230 yards) we recommend the Nemesys 55 A flex. And those between 85-90mph (230-250 yards) try the Nemesys 55 R flex.

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Best Budget Friendly Shafts For Seniors

Fujikura Vista Pro

At just $95, the Vista Pro shaft is by far the best budget-friendly driver shaft for low swing speeds. Some of the selling points for this shaft include:

  • Incorporates many of the learnings from Ventus and VeloCore Technology.
  • Features a new multi-material bias core improving overall consistency and feel. 
  • Removed smaller plies of material and incorporated stronger, full-length materials creating a smoother, balanced profile. 
  • Even lighter, lightweight models with improved stability were created through stronger and lighter materials in a multi-material bias core.

For swing speeds under 75mph (180-200 yrd driving distance) we recommend the Vista Pro 45 R2 flex. And those between 75-85mph (200-230 yards) we recommend the Vista Pro 55 R2 flex.

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Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Red

The Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Red is not just about flex, it's about optimizing shaft frequency, weight, torque, profile, launch and spin, to help individual players hit it as long, straight, and as consistent as possible. It's higher launching trajectory and draw bias characteristics are a perfect compliment to the C6 Blue design.

For swing speeds under 75mph (180-200 yrd driving distance) we recommend the C6 Red 40 R2 flex. And those between 75-85mph (200-230 yards) we recommend the C6 Red 50 R2 flex.

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What flex is best for senior golfers?

Senior shaft flex's are typically designated as 'A' or 'R2'. Accra and other brands sometimes use a letter and number combination. In this case look for M2 or M3.

What gram weight is best in a senior golf shaft?

Most senior's will benefit from a lightweight shaft. We recommend something in the 40-60 gram range. The slower swing speed you have, the lighter your shaft should be in theory. A lighter shaft promotes a higher swing speed and is typically optimized to produce a higher ball flight and help increase carry distances.


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