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Best Hybrid Shafts 2024

Hybrids are often one's most valuable club in the bag due to there swiss army knife like performance. A fairway finder, a par 5 in two standard, rough gouger, and so much more.

Therefore it's crucial to find a shaft the provides excellent stability and launch so that you can get the best of both worlds in accuracy and green stopping prowess.

In this guide, we'll offer our recommendations on the best hybrid shafts in golf. These shafts provide superior stability to optimize accuracy and dispersion. They also provide optimal launch characteristics to help you stop it from deep.

Best Hybrid Golf Shafts

#1 Pick

Fujikura Ventus Blue

The ventus line from Fujikura has been by far the most popular hybrid shaft line amongst pros and amateurs alike. The Ventus Blue Hybrid shaft offers amazing stability through it's patented Velocore technology.

The blue profile will fit the widest array of swing types by offering mid to high launch depending on the weight and flex you choose. For faster swingers, we recommend the 8X flex for increased stability and for preventing too much spin. While for average swingers we recommend the 7R or 7 S flex. Or if you prioritize distance, opt for the lighter 6R an 6S flex which will provide a higher ball flight and increased swing speed.

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Runner Up

Graphite Design Tour AD DI

The Graphite Design Tour AD DI Hybrid features premium, aerospace quality carbon-fiber materials and incorporates the proprietary Graphite Design Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) philosophy and technology. The Tour AD DI Hybrid is designed with the same performance characteristics of the Tour AD DI Wood shafts - which are always one of our best selling driver shafts.

The Graphite Design Tour AD DI Hybrid is ideal for the player that seeks a mid trajectory with mid spin and pin point accuracy. For faster swingers, the 85X is a popular option, while for average swingers the 75S or 75R will be best suited.

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Accra TZ Six Hybrid Shaft

For those of you that don't know Accra, Accra is a premium shaft manufacturer that caters to club fitters. Which is why you never find them through OEM's or big box retailers. Their TZ Five and TZ Six wood shaft line is consistently a top performing shaft and is a great option for a multitude of golfers.

TZ Six is a revolutionary design combining a uniquely responsive and torsionally stable tip section that transitions into a firm butt section. This combination generates power without sacrificing stability, and results in a higher initial launch that flattens due to the controlled spin rates.

Faster swingers who desire a lower flighted trajectory, choose the TZ Five.

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Mitsubishi Chemical 1K Pro Hybrid Shaft

TENSEI 1K Pro Hybrid is a product born from the success of TENSEI 1K Pro Wood shafts. Golfers gravitated towards the stability and feel they found in 1K Pro Wood shafts.

Instead of creating hybrid structures for each individual color of the TENSEI 1K Pro Wood line, Mitsubishi Chemical took the best bits of all colors to unify under a singular, mid-launch, mid-spin TENSEI 1K Pro Hybrid structure and used a silver band.

The 1K Pro Hybrid Shaft is available in 60-80 gram options. 60 gram option will produce faster ball speeds and a higher flight. While the heavier weights will be best suited for fast swingers to control spin.

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Best Budget Friendly Hybrid Shaft

#1 Pick

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX

Built with 100% aerospace materials, Smoke Black RDX is the first shaft to utilize Hexcel’s new HexTow® HM54 high modulus carbon fiber and combines it with high tensile strength HexTow® IM2C carbon fiber to provide the ideal blend of stiffness and stability.

Smoke Black RDX features an ultra-stiff midsection along with a stiff tip section to provide a low launch and low spin shaft. Therefore we recommend this shaft most for slightly above average to fast swingers.

Fairway Jockey offers this shaft as a no upcharge option on all it's hybrids. And if you're looking to replace the shaft in your current hybrid, then you can pick it up for just $80 with a free original OEM adapter.

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Runner Up

Aldila NVS

The Adilia NVS hybrid shafts are an absolute steal. At only $40, the NVS hybrid shafts are great for golfers looking for an upgraded aftermarket shaft that doesn’t break the bank.

A constant taper design combined with NexGen Micro Laminate Technology® creates a smooth and stable feel.

The NVS Orange is for those desiring high launch while NVS Green offers low launch.

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Best Low Launch Hybrid Shaft For High Swing Speeds

#1 Pick

Fujikura Ventus Black Hybrid Shaft

The Ventus Black is Fujikura's low launch model within their extremely popular Ventus line. The Ventus black is an extremely stable shaft designed for tight dispersion and a penetrating ball flight.

If you use you hybrid mostly off the tee, or have a high enough swing speed to where you struggle keeping spin off your shots, then the Ventus Black is for you.

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Runner Up

Graphite Design Tour AD IZ Hybrid Shaft

The Graphite Design Tour AD IZ Hybrid is perfect for a player that desires a mid launch pattern with low spin rates. This will be the lowest launching hybrid shaft in the Tour AD shaft family.

The AD IZ is extremely stable, and still produces very fast ball speeds. Since this shaft will mostly be used by higher swing speeds, the 85X and 95X flex's will be the most popular choices.

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Best High Launch Hybrid Shaft For Low Swing Speeds

#1 Pick

LA Golf A-Series Hybrid Shaft

The LA Golf A-Series Hybrid shaft is a popular choice for a variety of swing types. But the A-Series 65 gram option is especially perfect for low swing speeds looking for help with lift and carry.

If you often find yourself needing hybrids on par 3's or approach shots on longer par 4's then this shaft will benefit you by helping to create lift and spin to increase your stopping power.

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Runner Up

Mitsubishi Chemical Vanquish

The Vanquish Hybrid shaft is one of the lightest weight hybrid shafts you can find. It's 50 and 60 gram options are completely optimized around speed and lift.

If you struggle getting the ball in the air, or are simply looking for more distance, the the Vanquish is a fantastic option.

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How heavy should a hybrid shaft be?

Hybrid shafts will typically be your heaviest wood shaft. This is because hybrids are designed for accuracy and higher launch than drivers and fairway woods. For most players, 70-85 grams will be an ideal weight for a hybrid shaft. On the lighter side, hybrid shafts will be between 60-80 grams. These are designed for slower swing speeds needing more help to generate club head speed and height. 80-100 gram weights are typically best suited for faster swing speeds or those who prefer a more controlled trajectory.

What length should a hybrid shaft be?

Hybrid shaft lengths vary depending on the loft and model of the hybrid. As a general rule of thumb here are the average lengths of various lofted hybrids:

  • 2-Hybrid (17-18*): 40.5"
  • 3-Hybrid (20-22*): 40"
  • 4-Hybrid (23-25*): 39.5"
  • 5-Hybrid (26-28*): 39"


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