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2024 VENTUS Red & Black

The evolution of one of the winningest and highest performance shaft lines in Fujikura history is here to change the game yet again. The all-new 2024 VENTUS family is enhanced with new VeloCore+ Technology and advanced material designs to offer players even greater performance results than their predecessors.

Building on the game-changing original VENTUS lineup initially launched on Tour in 2018 and 2019, the new VENTUS profiles offer improved feel, speed, and consistency for all golfers. These enhancements make the 2024 VENTUS shafts a must-have upgrade for players seeking unparalleled performance.

Introducing VELOCORE+: Next-Gen Technology for Ultimate Performance

VELOCORE+ is the next generation of Fujikura’s ground-breaking proprietary technology. Designed for ultimate clubhead stabilization, it promotes consistent center-face contact, tightens dispersion, and increases control throughout the swing. The re-engineered multi-material bias core incorporates an additional premium bias core material, further enhancing the feel and performance of the VENTUS shafts. This innovative design results in tighter dispersion and increased ball speeds, giving golfers an edge on the course.

2024 VENTUS Red: Precision and Launch

2024 VENTUS Red is designed for golfers seeking a mid-high launch and mid spin profile. Ideal for players who desire a higher ball flight with ultimate stability, the 2024 VENTUS Red incorporates Fujikura's cutting-edge VeloCore+ Technology, offering a further evolution of performance and design. The premium bias core material construction promotes greater energy transfer, resulting in enhanced ball speeds and distance, while still maintaining the accuracy and control golfers expect from a VENTUS product. 

Key Features: 

VeloCore+ Technology: Ensures maximum energy transfer and stability through impact 

Mid-to-High Launch: Optimized for players seeking a higher trajectory 

Enhanced Stability: Provides a lively feel with improved control and consistency 


2024 VENTUS Black: Power and Control 

For golfers with faster swing speeds looking for a low launch and low spin profile, the 2024 VENTUS Black is the ultimate consistency upgrade. This shaft offers golfers unparalleled stability and control, helping players achieve a more penetrating ball flight with increased ball speeds. 2024 VENTUS Black also incorporates innovative VeloCore+ Technology, ensuring 

exceptional performance benefits in stability and consistency, similar to the game-changing characteristics proven with original VeloCore Technology. 

Key Features: 

VeloCore+ Technology: Delivers added stability, consistency, and increased ball speeds 

Low Launch and Spin: Designed for players seeking a more penetrating ball flight 

Extreme Stability: Provides a stable feel with precise control at higher ball speeds 

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