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5 Signs You May Need Custom Golf Shafts In Your Woods

Do you ever feel like your woods are not working for you and instead are working against you? Sometimes a new golf shaft is all it takes to completely transform the performance that you are getting on the golf course. The key is understanding when it's time to make the change and finding the exact equipment for you. Here are 5 signs you may need custom golf shafts in your woods. 

Problems with Trajectory 

Whether you are a low-handicap or high-handicap player, there is a certain optimal trajectory that you must achieve in order to hit a successful shot with your driver or fairway woods. You will notice issues with the ball flying too high and potentially losing distance. You may also experience shots that are too low and flying just above the ground. 

The right golf shaft can lead you to a proper trajectory with your woods. 

Inconsistent Shots 

As golfers, we have to be honest with ourselves when we take good and bad golf swings. However, if you feel like you are taking good swings but are not noticing consistent results, it may be time for a custom golf shaft in your woods. 

Dispersion rates being high is a problem. Having the right golf shaft will help to straighten things out and give you more consistency. 

Swing Speed Changes

Gaining swing speed is a great chance to experience, but it can lead to some problems with your current golf equipment. If you have picked up some extra speed and it's now causing your woods not to match your game, it's time for a new golf shaft. 

Inconsistent Distance 

You are probably well aware that if you can't get distance from your golf shafts, it's a problem. 

However, many players are unaware that inconsistent distance can also be a sign you may need custom golf shafts. 

Do you hit one swing with a 5 wood, and it travels 200 yards, and the next swing is 150 yards? 

This can all be caused by the shaft. 

The Wrong Feel 

The shaft in your woods will determine some of the feel you get at impact. Feel in your woods is as important as feel in your irons and wedges. 

Can you learn to play with almost any shaft? Maybe. Will you play your best golf? Definitely not. 

The proper golf shaft will give you feedback you can apply to your learning and development. If you have the wrong golf shaft in play, there may be too much vibration at impact or not enough; the shaft may feel too soft or not soft enough. Finding the right feel in a custom golf shaft will increase confidence and performance. 

Final Thoughts 

If your golf shaft in your woods is not performing how you feel it should, it's time for a custom golf shaft. Take a look at the selection from Fairway Jockey, as there are options for all players and a variety of adapters to fit whatever club you need. 

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