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5 Top Golf Balls Summer 2023 (Who Are They For?)

Looking to change up the golf ball you play this summer? We keep a close eye on the golf balls that are selling quickly, and these 5 seem to be helping a wide range of golfers this year. The top 5 best-selling Fairway Jockey golf balls for summer 2023 have a mix of distance and spin performance, something all golfers can benefit from. 

Titleist Pro V1

The Titleist Pro V1 is a tour level golf ball with three pieces. The medium compression Pro V1 is designed for players looking for extra distance off the tee without sacrificing any spin around the greens. 

The Titleist Pro V1 is used on the PGA Tour, and it can help you achieve that control you have been looking for around the greens. There is a reason the Pro V1 is a preferred golf ball on the tour. 

Callaway Chrome Soft 

The Chrome Soft is a premium tour level golf ball known for its impressive distance from the tee and a high and penetrating ball flight. The Chrome Soft has an impressive greenside spin thanks to its soft urethane cover and Dual SoftFast Core. 

The Chrome Soft comes with a Triple Track design if you need some extra help with alignment on the course. 

TaylorMade TP5 PIX

The TaylorMade TP5 PIX is always a best seller for Fairway Jockey. The number of different designs you can choose from with the PIX golf balls makes it almost unnecessary to mark your ball on the course. 

In addition, the TP5 is a five piece golf ball offering performance from the tee, fairway, and around the greens. The Dual Spin Cover Technology combined with the Tri Fast Core allows for explosive distance combined with greenside spin. 

A combo that is hard to pass up! 

Srixon Q Star Tour 

The Srixon Q Star features a FastLayer Core and a brand-new alignment aid to help on the putting greens. The Q Star has a urethane coating that also incorporates a bit of extra friction to increase spin around the greens. 

The Q Star Tour has a slightly lower price point than other golf balls with greenside and distance performance. If you are looking for something just a step down in price, this could be a good option to consider. 

PXG Xtreme Premium 

The PXG Xtreme Premium is a new release to the golf ball market. The 4 piece golf ball is designed for distance and accurate ball flights. With the PXG Xtreme dimple pattern, you can expect improved aerodynamics and a softer overall feel. 

Golfers have been interested in giving this one a try this summer and comparing what the short game feel, and control is like compared to other tour-level golf balls. 

Final Thoughts

The golf ball you play with is just as important as the equipment you have in your bag. Make sure that you are testing new golf balls often and that you play with something that is a fit for your needs as a player. Fairway Jockey has a full selection of premium and value-priced golf balls to help you go low on the course.


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