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7 Signs You May Need Custom Golf Irons

Custom golf irons are an investment in your future golf game. If you want to play great golf for years to come, you have to have clubs that you trust and that are fitted to your game. Still, so many golfers still try to buy a set of golf irons off the shelf and make them work for their game. Let’s take a look at 7 signs you may need custom golf irons and why you should look at all the Fairway Jockey custom golf club options.

You Don’t Get The Same Distance as Your Friends

It’s one thing if your swing speed isn’t as high or your swing is not consistent as your playing partners to lose a bit of distance. However, if you know you are hitting it solid and you still can’t keep up, you could have an issue with the club you are playing. 

Maybe the lofts aren’t strong enough; maybe the shaft is not a fit for your swing speed; either way, it makes sense to figure out what the issue is and get fitted for custom clubs. 

You Have Always Been Tall (or Short)

Golf clubs are made for people who fall within the “standard” height range. This range is about 5’8” to 6’1”. If you are not within this height range, you may need to look at custom irons. The sole of the iron should sit flat on the ground at setup; customizations need to be made to accommodate this. 

You Can Hit Straight Shots But Can’t Work the Ball 

Can you hit a draw or a fade when you want to? If your golf irons are custom fitted to your game, you should be able to work the ball and hit the shots you want when you want. 

Your Distance Control Is Mediocre at Best 

Distance control means that you can take a wedge and hit it 100, 75, and then 50 yards. Of course, this takes great swing mechanics and impressive contact with the ball, but it also takes irons that are a good fit for your golf game. 

You Have Incorrect Distance Gaps In Your Bag

If the gap between your sand wedge and pitching wedge is 30 yards, or your 4 iron and 5 iron is only 6 yards, then you may need to consider looking at custom golf irons. The lie and loft of your irons can be changed to make sure that you have the proper gapping. 

You Lack Confidence In Your Iron Shots 

Do you stand over an iron shot and wonder where it is going? That’s a sign that your irons could be a bad fit for your game. Custom-fitted golf irons help you feel as though you are playing with 

a club that is specifically suited to your needs. 

You Have Too Much Inconsistency In Your Golf Shots 

Lastly, look at your dispersion rates. Do you hit one shot left and the next right? We have to consider some swing mechanics here, but when you look at how equipment is changed, there are options out there to lower your dispersion rates. 

Final Thoughts 

Take a look at all of the custom golf irons that Fairway Jockey offers. You can choose everything from the lie and loft to the shaft and grip. Start playing with golf clubs that are on your side!


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