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Accra TZ Six and Five Masters Edition Shafts

As a golfer, it is hard to dislike the Masters. However, the real question is whether or not you like the Masters enough to add golf shafts to your clubs with the Master's colors! The Accra TZ Six and Five Masters Edition Shafts could be an excellent option for you to consider if you are in the market for a new golf shaft in 2022. Let’s take a look at all of the features and benefits of this shaft, aside from the obvious Master's colors that any golfer is sure to enjoy. 

Accra TZ Five Everything To Know 

The Accra TZ Five is a wood shaft that is designed with high modulus carbon fibers. The end result for a golfer is a more optimized launch and better spin. The Accra TZ Five is built for the golfer with an aggressive swing and tends to lose the ball a bit too high up in the air. Accra TZ Five keeps the ball down and offers that stability that a player needs. 

Several Weight Options

The Accra TZ Five comes in several different weight options so that a wider range of players can benefit from this shaft. The thing that almost any golfer will notice when using the TZ Five is that the ball speed and club head speed will feel fast. 

Fast Transitions

If you are a golfer that transitions quickly between your backswing and your follow-through, the Accra TZ Five could be the perfect option for you. This is a very low launching and low spinning shaft capable of handling a change in direction even at a fast pace. 

Accra TZ Six Everything To Know 

The Accra TZ Six is a shaft that has some similar characteristics to the Accra TZ Five, but this model is built for a player that needs a higher launching ball flight. 

Power and Stability 

When the Accra TZ Six was created, it was built with a stable tip and a firm butt section. The combination of these two features led to a higher launching shot with plenty of stability at impact. This is also a low-spinning option for those trying to control the ball just a bit more. 

Wide Range of Flex and Weight Options 

Golfers that use the Accra TZ Six can be brand new to the game or have plenty of years of experience. The key here is that there are many shaft weight and flex combinations for players to choose between. If you end up liking the Accra TZ Six, take a look at the hybrid and driving iron shafts. 


The Accra TZ Five and Accra TZ Six are high-performing golf shafts that work for a wide range of players. However, when you then take these shafts and produce them with Master's colors, the overall performance and look will be everything that a golfer could hope for in 2022. Through the Fairway Jockey website, you can pick and choose the adapter that will work for your current golf club.


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