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Aftermarket Golf Shafts 101: What to Know When Buying

Many new golfers are unclear on the differences between stock shafts and aftermarket shafts. Aftermarket shafts are considered to be “premium” or the real deal because they were created for tour professionals. This enhanced feel and quality can be enjoyed by players of all backgrounds and experience levels.

In assessing shaft options, it’s important to know just how much a shaft contributes to a club’s performance. A shaft can determine if the ball tends to fly higher or lower (which affects distance), how the ball leans on its arc to the target, and the speed that’s able to be achieved. This is why premium-made aftermarket shafts, made with customized measurements, are always a worthwhile investment.

The Differences Between Aftermarket and Stock Shafts 

There are several key differences between aftermarket and stock shafts. The most significant is the range of sizes provided by each. Stock shafts tend to take on a one (or three) size fits all approach, which doesn’t work for every player because of its generalization. On the other hand, aftermarket shafts are engineered specifically for each player’s specifications, and can offer many potential sizes as a result.

Because a stock shaft is made for such a wide range of players, it may be challenging to find the right shaft for your performance goals. With an aftermarket shaft, it is built specifically for your customizations, so the ‘guessing game’ is taken out of the equation. 

What to Know When Buying an Aftermarket Shaft

  • An aftermarket shaft that is built to specific customizations is the best shaft purchase a player can make. However, the shaft’s ability to contribute to performance depends on this build. It’s highly recommended to work with a fitter to determine the exact specifications necessary for a club that is custom made. Many aftermarket shafts also offer an array of models and sizes, which a fitter can help you to navigate.
  • In the build process, an aftermarket shaft is properly tipped depending on the club head and loft used, so these decisions should be made together. As important as the shaft is to performance, its combination with the right club head model can spell the difference between a great club and a mediocre one. 
  • At Fairway Jockey, there are hundreds of aftermarket shaft options available for customized ordering and build. In choosing which shaft, determine what your goals are. Shafts are each manufactured for specific outcomes. Are you searching for more stability and control in your swing? Or, do you prefer power, impact, speed, and distance? These decisions will factor into which shafts will be recommended to you. 

Our experienced fitters and team members are available online for live chat as you navigate these decisions, and are available via phone appointments from 9am to 3pm PST, as well. Making the investment in a custom-made club featuring an aftermarket golf shaft is one of the best choices a serious golfer can make for their game. There are many custom shaft options available, and you are sure to find one (or two!) that will help you reach your goals on the green.

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