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Alignment Pro: Make Practice More Effective

What Is Alignment Pro? 

The Alignment Pro is a training aid that has a hinged end. As soon as you introduce this hinge, you can create various angles that you cannot get with a traditional alignment stick. Combining the hinged design with a standard alignment stick allows for putting, chipping, and full swing practice in the game. 

The Alignment Pro is capable of replacing several other training aids that you may currently own. In addition, the sticks are collapsible so that you can fit them in the side of your golf bag with ease. Overall, Alignment Pro is one of the most helpful golf alignment sticks we have seen. 

How Can I Use Alignment Pro? 

One of the significant benefits of Alignment Pro is that you can use it anywhere on the golf course. 


Most golf alignment sticks lay flat on the green. With the Alignment Pro, you can take the two hinged ends and place them in the ground. This allows for you to use the alignment stick to help you with the direction of your stroke and perfecting the straight back and straight through putting lines.

In addition, you can place just one hinged end in the ground and putt it from under the alignment stick. With the lines on the Alignment Pro, you can always be sure that your stroke length is appropriate as well. 


With chipping being a miniature version of the golf swing, it is important to make sure that the fundamentals are in place. Whether it be your swing plane, you want to work on or ensuring that you keep your hands low through impact, the Alignment Pro is a tremendous overall short game tool. 

Full Swing

When you see the benefits of the Alignment Pro on the range, you are going to realize that it is almost a necessary tool for a complete practice session. With Alignment Pro, you can work on swing plane, hand placement, ball contact, alignment, setup, and even better visualization. 

Is Alignment Pro Worth It? 

If you have never had golf alignment sticks and have been thinking of purchasing them, the Alignment Pro is the way to go. Even though it may be priced slightly higher than other golf alignment sticks, the Alignment Pro replaces so many other golf training aids. 

Golfers that spend time on the range need to ensure that the practice they are putting in is effective. There is no sense in hitting 100 golf balls if you don’t have a plan or aren’t working towards a goal. Alignment Pro allows you to accomplish your golf swing goals at a much faster rate.

Practicing with golf alignment sticks has become one of the best ways to ensure that you see results from your practice sessions. There are so many different ways to utilize golf alignment sticks that they truly have become the number one practice tool in the game. However, traditional alignment sticks have some flaws. Alignment Pro recognized these flaws and produced a solution. These unique alignment sticks are unlike anything else on the market, and they will make your next practice session much more effective. 


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