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Bettinardi's 25th Anniversary Limited Run BB2 Putter

The eleventh Limited Run putter in Bettinardi's 25th Anniversary Commemorative line—the classic BB2. This masterpiece pays homage to RJB's original BB2, released in 1999, and has been expertly modified to showcase a magnificent copper insert with a Micro Honeycomb face milling.

Craftsmanship and Design

The BB2 Limited Run putter boasts a 357-gram blade design, combining tradition with innovation. The Tour Blasted body and polished face and sole create a striking visual appeal. The open Hex milling, adorned with Roman numerals "XXV" and a "1/250" marking its limited quantity, adds a touch of sophistication to this golfing gem.

Performance Features

Designed with precision, the BB2 Limited Run putter is toe-weighted, making it ideal for golfers with a full arc in their stroke. This feature ensures maximum toe hang, enhancing stability and control during your putting game. The copper insert with Micro Honeycomb face milling provides a unique feel, giving you the confidence to conquer the greens.

Exclusive Accessories

To complement this remarkable milestone putter, Bettinardi presents a luxurious brown leather 25th Anniversary magnetic headcover. The elegance doesn't stop there—the brown perforated leather 25th Anniversary Gripmaster grip with black stitch back adds a touch of sophistication to your game, ensuring you stand out on the course.

Limited Availability

As part of Bettinardi's commitment to exclusivity, the Limited Run BB2 putter is limited to only 250 pieces worldwide. This collector's item will be available at Bettinardi specialty dealers globally and online at starting November 30th. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of golfing history!


Join us in celebrating Bettinardi's 25th Anniversary with the release of the Limited Run BB2 putter. Meticulously crafted, this putter not only exemplifies the brand's commitment to quality but also pays tribute to its rich heritage. Mark your calendars for November 30th, and be ready to secure your Limited Run BB2—it's not just a putter; it's a legacy.


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