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Big Bertha Line 2023

Callaway truly makes a golf club for any type of golfer, and the Big Bertha line appeals to those who are looking to have fun on the golf course. Through the years, Callaway has updated, tweaked, and improved the Big Bertha golf clubs to include more modern technology and feature better usability for players. Here is what you can expect from the new Callaway Big Bertha line. 

Who Are Big Bertha 2023 Clubs For? 

The Big Bertha line has always been about forgiveness and playability. If you want to head out to the golf course on a Saturday morning and not worry about swing mechanics or planes, the Big Bertha line could be for you. 

If you have a slice that needs a bit of attention, or some inconsistency in the flight of your ball, Big Bertha also has you covered. 

Key Technologies and Features (Big Bertha Woods) 

The Big Bertha woods are easy to launch, have the ability to reduce your slight, and can even help promote more of a draw. 

Low and Forward Center of Gravity 

The low and forward center of gravity position helps golfers straighten out a slice. The driver is designed to reduce side spin and encourage more distance with a straighter ball flight. The 

weight in the heel of the clubhead promotes a draw without looking overly offset. 

AI Designed XL Face 

Callaway was one of the pioneers of incorporating AI technology into golf club design. The larger face on the newest Big Bertha line features a large sweet spot. Even when the center of the club is missed, expect big yardage. 

Classic but Confidence Inducing Look 

Big Bertha 2023 woods have a clean and classic game improvement look to them. However, in addition the shaping is designed to help improve confidence while standing over the ball. You may finally understand why the mental side of the game matters so much; confidence is powerful!

Key Technologies and Features (Big Bertha Irons) 

The Big Bertha irons pair perfectly with the woods. The confidence inducing shape and extra tungsten incorporated into the head will help the Big Bertha irons stand out from others on the market. 

AI-Designed Face Cup Technology 

The AI-designed face helps improve speed across the entire face. In addition, 43g of internal tungsten is positioned to help increase launch. Where you will notice this the most is in the long irons, where average golfers tend to struggle to get enough ball flight. 

Black Smoke Finish 

Not often available in game improvement style irons, the confidence-inducing look is made even nicer with the new smoked black finish. The Big Bertha irons feature a thicker topline, a wide sole, and offset technology. 

Urethane Microspheres 

Regardless of your ability on the course, feel is important. The Callaway Big Bertha irons feature the Urethane Microsphere technology to absorb unwanted vibration at impact. When you hit one of these well, it feels smooth. 

Final Thoughts 

Fairway Jockey will have the entire line of Callaway Big Bertha 2023 golf clubs. In addition, you can customize the shafts and specifications of all of the clubs to find the perfect fit for your game. Whether you have been a Big Bertha fan for years or are in the market for new game improvement technology in 2023, the Callaway Big Bertha clubs would be good to have on your list. 


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