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Bridgestone 2022 Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition Golf Balls

If you are a fan of Tiger and like to explore all products that he has had some part in developing, then the new Bridgestone 2022 Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition golf balls will be a good fit for you. Bridgestone makes a lot of golf balls for a wide range of players, and in addition to being a bit of a novelty item, the new Tour B XS-TW also has some really great performance and feel. Let’s take a more detailed look at all that this golf ball has to offer. 

Bridgestone 2022 Tour B XS-TW Features and Benefits 

The new Tour B XS-TW golf ball has all of the premium technology you would expect for the players with the fastest swing speeds who demand the most performance from a golf ball. Here are a few of the things that will set the Tour B XS-TW apart. 

Reactiv iQ

The Reactiv iQ is a technology that is unique to Bridgestone. With this smart cover technology, players are ensured that all of that speed that they are creating in their swing is being transferred to the golf ball at impact. If you want incredible distances while also having some spin on your iron shots, the Reactiv iQ technology can get it done. 

Soft Feel and Control 

Around the greens, players are looking for a softer feel and a bit more control of their golf ball. The Bridgestone 2022 Tour B XS-TW allows you to stop your short game shots where you need to and spin the ball enough to master any green. 

In addition, the softer feel will give players that struggle with the control that extra confidence that the golf ball can be stopped. 

Additional Spin for The Faster Players

If your swing speed is higher than 105 mph, chances are you appreciate a good amount of spin. As we all know, this is something that Tiger needs in his swing; Bridgestone was able to incorporate that into the Bridgestone 2022 Tour B XS-TW. 

For players with this fast swing speed, it is also imperative to find a ball that is not going to crack or scuff after a few holes. If Tiger Woods can play the Tour BXS-TW in competition, chances are it will have plenty of strength for the best amateur golfer. 

Collaboration with Tiger Woods

Bridgestone worked closely with Tiger Woods when creating this golf ball. Ensuring that players have the best technology available to the professionals while playing amateur golf is important to Bridgestone. 

The performance of the Tour BXS-TW is very similar to the other premium Bridgestone golf balls, but they will not feature the Tiger logo on the ball. 


Hopefully, you now feel as though you have a better understanding of what the Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition can bring to the market. This is an impressive golf ball with plenty of feel and distance. If you have always played a two-piece value type golf ball and are a higher swing speed player, purchase a Tour BXS-TW and see how the performance compares.


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