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Callaway Apex Utility Wood

Sometimes Callaway makes impressive releases with brand new lines of products, and other times they release one or two new things at a time. The Callaway Apex Utility Wood is a new concept from Callaway that fits in quite well with the Apex line and made a quiet debut in 2021. Callaway takes the information from its professionals quite seriously, and golfers like Phil Mickelson and Xander Schauffele had quite a bit to say about this new Callaway Apex Utility Wood. If you are looking for a new utility in your golf bag and need a unique solution, the Callaway Apex Utility Wood coil be the right solution for you. 

Callaway Apex Utility Wood Features and Benefits 

The Callaway Apex Utility Wood is an option that golfers can use from the tee, fairway, and the rough. If you are looking for an all-around solution for your golf game, the Callaway Apex Utility Wood could be a perfect option for your golf game.

AI Designed Flash Face 

Callaway has made significant advancements since the release of the artificial intelligence used in modern club heads. Artificial intelligence allows Callaway to try several different club head technologies and material combinations to find an ideal match for golfers. 

The new AI Diesnged face features the Flash Face SS21 technology. Golfers can get more speed coming from the clubface with the new Callaway Apex Utility Wood.

Jailbreak AI Velocity Blades 

The Jailbreak technology has been improved with the introduction of the AI Velocity Blades. The AI Velocity Blades will increase the distance as well as forgiveness. With Jailbreak bars, you can get stability and control in the club head while increasing overall ball speed. 

Tungsten Weighting 

The tungsten weighting in the Callaway Apex Utility Wood is precisely positioned so that the center of gravity produces a high launch. The higher launch allows players to stop the ball on the green when trying to approach with the Callaway Apex Utility Wood. Tungsten weighting has been one of the most critical advances in golf technology in the last few years. 

Tour Inspired Shape 

So many of the utility wood golf clubs on the market are designed to be draw biased and forgiving. Although the Apex Utility Wood is forgiving, it provides quite a bit of workability and optimal spin; FOr lower handicap players looking for a clean and compact shape that allows for a variety of shots will change your shot options and possibilities on the course.

Low Dispersion Rates 

Dispersion rates are essential to consider when it comes to the long game. As clubs get lower in the loft and longer in length, it becomes more difficult to control them. Finding solutions for your long game that offer low dispersion rates can be quite difficult. The Callaway Apex Utility Wood has some of the lowest dispersion rates of any club Callaway has ever produced. This new club comes in a 17, 19, and 21-degree loft. 

For those having a hard time deciding between a hybrid and a fairway wood, try the new Callaway Apex Utility wood offered custom by Fairway Jockey, and you will see some impressive changes in your game.


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