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Callaway CB Custom Wedge

Forgiveness is a key feature for a driver or a set of irons, but it is often overlooked in the short game. The new Callaway CB wedge is designed for forgiveness without sacrificing feel and spin. Not every golfer wants or needs a blade-style wedge with a very tight sweet spot. So if your short game could use a little improvement, and you know a new custom wedge is something you are in the market for, here is what the Callaway CB Custom Wedge has to offer. 

Features and Benefits of Callaway CB Custom Wedge 

The Callaway CB Custom Wedge is a cavity back design built for a golfer that is seeking game improvement technology in their wedges. 

Cavity Back Design 

As Callaway likes to say, the design of the Callaway CB custom wedge is “player friendly”. This means that this is a forgiving golf wedge that allows for forgiveness and more confidence. A confidence inducing look in the clubhead helps players think they can get the ball up in the air, control their shots and maybe even spin it. 

Premium Feel 

There is a misconception among many players that as soon as forgiveness is added, feel is sacrificed. With the Callaway CB custom wedge, particular attention was paid to ensure that the feel and sound of the wedge was more like a premium blade style. 

The Callaway CB custom wedge is the first Callaway Wedge to feature Urethane Microspheres. These microspheres have been one of the leading technologies in the Callaway irons for several years. 

Enhanced Spin 

Jaws Groove can be found on the face of the Callaway CB custom wedge, helping players that are looking to ensure the ball can stop on the green. The Callaway CB wedge comes in lofts ranging from 48 to 60. The 54-60 degree wedges feature full-face grooves. 

Shaft and Grip Options 

At Fairway Jockey, you can customize the Callaway CB custom wedge to work for your golf game. The stock shaft is a True Temper Elevate 95, Project X Catalyst, or UST F1 for women golfers. 

The stock grip on the Callaway CB custom wedge is slightly longer than standard to allow you to choke down a bit more on the club. This can also be customized with the help of Fairway Jockey. 

Who Should Play The Callaway CB Custom Wedge? 

The CB Custom wedge was specifically designed for the golfer that needs extra help and forgiveness around the greens. Although any golfer can use this club because of the spin and control, it probably doesn’t have the same level of feedback that a Callaway Jaws Raw wedge may have for the lower handicap player. 

Final Thoughts 

The Callaway CB brings some new features to the wedge market that golfers have been looking for. If your wedge game is not where you think it should be, take advantage of this impressive technology by ordering your Callaway CB custom wedge from Fairway Jockey. You will have access to a variety of shaft and grip options to help the new Callaway CB blend in with the rest of your golf club set. 


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