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Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

Who Is The Epic Max LS Driver For? 

The first thing to discover is whether or not the Callaway Epic Max LS Driver is built for your game. We recommend this club for golfers with a 15 handicap or less. Although higher handicappers will see some benefits of the Epic Max LS, they are unlikely to see them all. 

One of the things you will notice about this club is that in addition to the distance, you can also learn to shape your shots and work the ball. If you want to hit a bit of a cut or a draw off the tee, you can do so with the Callaway Epic Max LS in your hands. The majority of higher handicappers and beginners are not as concerned with this type of technology. 


Callaway has started this trend of compounding their technology from one club release to the next. For instance, when they discovered that the Jailbreak technology was a good option for golfers, it continued in the subsequent releases. The same is happening with the Flash face and any of these improvements due to artificial intelligence. 

There is no question that the technology in this driver is top of the line and capable of giving players more speed and more control over their golf shots. 

In addition, the Callaway Epic Max LS Driver is known for having a very low spin. You can feel how low the spin is when you take a swing with this club. Of course, the lower spin on the driver helps us get more roll and keeps the ball a little tighter to its intended line. 


Callaway Epic Max LS Driver will feel like a custom fitted club for you as soon as you can narrow down the exact fitting specifications that work for your game. The sliding weight makes it easy to adjust the ball flight. With the adjustability of this club, you get up to 13 yards of movement on your next golf shot. 

Is The Callaway Epic Max LS Driver Worth It? 

Of course, when Callaway takes all of their best technology and then puts it into a brand new head with the top-of-the-line materials, the price goes up a bit. There is no reason for this driver to be priced low with the new triaxial carbon crown, adjustability, and premium golf shaft options. Purchasing the Callaway Epic Max LS will ensure that you have relevant driver technology in your bag for years to come. We would recommend that if you have not upgraded your driver in two or more years, you will see a tremendous benefit from putting the Callaway Epic Max LS in your bag. 

There are two qualities that a modern driver must have to make it successful. Those qualities are speed and forgiveness. When a Callaway driver like the Epic Max LS can combine both the speed and distance necessary to hit long and forgiving golf drives, it will turn the heads of a large number of mid to low handicap players. Many golfers using the Rogue or Mavrik drivers wonder whether the Epic Max LS warrants an upgrade. We have the inside scoop on everything you need to know about the Callaway Epic Max LS Driver


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