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Callaway Epic Max Star Driver: Who Should Play?

The Callaway Epic Max Star Driver is a brand new release for the player who needs a lightweight and easy-to-hit golf driver. Callaway makes clubs for a wide range of players ranging from the lowest to the highest handicaps. With the new Epic Max Star Driver, players can get swing speeds that they never thought were possible. Let’s take a look at this golf driver technology and whether or not it would be a good fit for your game. 

Features and Benefits of Callaway Epic Max Star Driver

The Callaway Epic Max Start Driver features all of the same technology that other Callaway drivers have, but much more. Here are a few things to know about this incredible new technology. 

Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame

The Jailbreak AI Speed Frame was created using artificial intelligence to give the golf club a hotter and more responsive clubface. The Jailbreak AI Speed Frame not only acts like a trampoline when you hit a shot off of it, but the speed frame also provides plenty of stability. When a clubface is more stable, golfers can increase ball speeds. 

Since the sweet spot is so large on this driver and Jailbreak Speed Frame stretches across this driver’s face, even your miss-hits can get a lot more distance. 

Easy To Swing 

The new Callaway Epic Max Star Driver is one of the easiest on the market to swing. This club is 52grams lighter than the Epic Max driver. Some drivers will come to the market with five or ten grams of weight savings. A full 52 grams lighter is a tremendous difference and something that golfers should consider. 

Forgiving Golf Driver 

The Epic Max Star driver is made with a Triaxial Carbon material that helps to decrease weight, promote higher launch, and overall forgiveness. In addition, there is a brand new Triaxial Carbon toe patch on the Epic Max Star. The toe patch will make the club slightly more draw bias without having to add extra weight. 


New golf drivers are almost always made with some kind of adjustability. However, in the past, adjustability was known to increase the weight of the golf driver. If you don’t want to increase weight but you are looking to have adjustability in the club, then the Epic Max Star is perfect. 

On the club head, you will find a 9g adjustable sliding rear weight. You will adjust the ball flight of the shots you are looking to play and increase overall performance. The new Callaway Epic Max Star can be the club that you want it to be. 


It has been quite impressive to see the way that Callaway has developed clubs to appeal to almost every player type. We love how the new Epic Max Star Driver takes all of the impressive feel and performance we see in the Epic series and makes it an option for all players. This is a club that you are going to want to try.


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