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Callaway Epic Max Star Fairway Wood: Who Should Play It?

If you haven’t yet looked at the Callaway Epic Max Star series, now would be the time to. This is one of the best-looking sets of golf clubs that Callaway has ever released. However, the benefits of these Callaway Epic Max Star golf clubs do not stop at the looks. There are some very impressive technological features, especially in the new Callaway Epic Max Star Fairway Wood. If you are looking for a new fairway wood this year and are ready for easy distance, extra forgiveness, and tons of ball speed, this is the club for you. 

Callaway Epic Max Star Fairway Wood Features and Benefits

To start off, the Callaway Epic Max Star Fairway woods are made for the slower swinging player that needs maximum speed and assistance when it comes to distance in their game. If you feel as though an extra ten yards could make a big difference in your game, this is a club that you are going to want to try. 

High Ball Speed

The brand new Jailbreak Velocity Blades have been included in the clubhead with the help of artificial intelligence. High ball speed helps golfers to get extra distance. For golfers with slower swing speeds, increasing the speed in a swing can be nearly impossible.

This is where technology comes into play to help give golfers speed without swinging any faster or harder. A golfer’s high ball speed comes from the trampoline-like effect that the Epic Max Star Fairway Wood provides at impact. 

High Launching Design 

Fairway woods are typically designed for longer distances and a more penetrating ball flight. The high launching design comes from the tungsten weighting and Triaxial Carbon crown. Getting a fairway wood to travel both high and far can be a bit complicated, but not with the Epic Max Star Fairway wood.


Next to the driver, the fairway wood has the lowest loft in the bag. Hitting a low lofted club from a tight fairway lie or even a little bit of rough can be quite difficult. The key to getting an excellent fairway wood shot is a low center of gravity and a large and forgiving face. 

The Callaway Epic Max Star Fairway Wood has an exceptionally high level of forgiveness and therefore is a club that works quite well for the higher handicap player. If you are new to the game or ready for some extra forgiveness from the fairway, the EPic Max Star Fairway is a great choice.

Also, consider this as an alternative to a driver from the tee. 


Last but certainly not least, the Callaway Epic Max Star Fairway comes with two adjustable weights to help you fine-tune the ball flight and launch. When you consider the adjustability and the fact that you can get these clubs custom fitted from Fairway Jockey, this will end up being a club specifically designed for your needs. 

With its tremendous looks, impressive styling, and overall speed and distance, the Epic Max Star Fairway Wood can make a major impact on your golf game.

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