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Callaway Epic Max Star Irons: Everything To Know

If you are a Callaway fan, you have to stay on your toes all year long as they periodically release new products. The most recent release is the Callaway Epic Max Star Irons. These Epic Max Star irons are made of hollow body construction and have unique features and technology that we have yet to see in a golf iron. If you are ready to make a change in your golf iron technology, it’s time to consider Callaway Epic Max Star Irons. 

Features and Benefits of Callaway Epic Max Star Irons 

The Star line from Callaway has a history of being a lightweight line of golf clubs that is highly forgiving and made with premium materials. This is the same trend we have seen with the latest release of the Callaway Epic Max Star Irons. 

Hollow Body Construction 

The Callaway Epic Max Star irons are made from a hollow body construction; they also are forged. The center of gravity is perfectly located to ensure that golfers can get higher launch and more consistency. When you swing with an Epic Max Star, the difference will be immediately noticeable. 

High Ball Flight 

Golfers that struggle with getting the ball up off the ground will enjoy the benefits of a high ball flight iron like the Callaway Epic Max Star irons. Hitting a golf ball high typically takes a lot of clubhead speed and perfect turf interaction. With the Callaway Epic Max Star irons, some of this work is done for you. 

The tungsten weighting makes getting the ball flight you need while also increasing distance and overall forgiveness. 

Enhanced Ball Speed 

High ball speed leads to more distance. The new Flash Face component of the Epic Max Star makes them one of the fastest irons that Callaway has brought to market. When you combine this with the very lightweight overall characteristics of the club, the end result is a lot more distance for the slower swing speed player. 

Great Looking Design 

Although the performance of a club is important, the look will be equally important for a player. The Epic Max Star irons are created with a Black Plasma PVD finish. This will be one of the better-looking Callaway irons you will come across. In addition, the overall shape of the clubhead helps players feel as though they can get more distance and launch with each swing. 

Lightweight Iron Set

We know that it takes swing speed and ball speed to hit the ball a long way. The Callaway Epic Max Star irons are some of the most lightweight golf irons on the market. The ATTAS Speed Series Shaft will help golfers that are lacking speed. In addition, when you combine this with a Winn Dri Tac Lite Grip, the overall performance and speed of the club only increase.


The Callaway Epic Max Star irons are the most premium golf iron in the Callaway lineup. The Epic Max Star golf clubs come with a driver, hybrid, and fairway wood option as well. If you find success with the irons, you can fill your bag with these impressive clubs.


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