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Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review

Features and Benefits of Callaway Epic Speed Driver

The Callaway Epic Speed is the fastest Callaway driver to date. This club has all the benefits if you are looking for ball speed, but there is more to this club than just speed. 

Jailbreak AI Speed Frame

Jailbreak technology from Callaway is not going anywhere. Callaway keeps finding ways to improve what Jailbreak has to offer. With the new AI technology, Callaway was able to stiffen the body of the club head vertically and horizontally. This resulted in a substantial increase in ball speed across the entire face. If you miss the sweet spot a little, you are still going to see promising results. 

Flash Face SS21

The new Jailbreak was combined with the Flash Face SS21, which features super strength titanium. When you combine this material with the stability of the Jailbreak frame, the results are impressive. In addition to the fast ball speeds, there is also plenty of forgiveness. 

Advanced Composite Design 

Working with new materials allows golf equipment manufacturers to save weight in a club head and redistribute it where it needs to be. The new advanced composite design saved 18 grams, and it was used to enhance the forgiveness across the entire driver. 

Sometimes golf drivers with incredible distances like this will struggle with forgiveness, but Callaway was able to combine everything in the Epic Speed driver. 

Cyclone Aero Head Shape

We have seen several new head shapes across the golf world this year. The new Cyclone Aero shape from Callaway allows for better aerodynamics and less drag. Essentially not only does the club head produce more speed, but you can swing this club faster as well.

When Callaway releases a new club that they say is faster than ever before, it’s almost hard to believe. With the Rogue and Mavrik designs released in the last few years, the overall speed coming from the Callaway equipment is quite strong. However, once again, they have figured out a way to improve technology yet again. The Callaway Epic Speed is a brand new option from Callaway, and it has many golfers running to upgrade. 

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