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Callaway Epic Super Hybrid: Everything To Know

The new line of Callaway Epic products has caught the attention of many great players. Whether you are new to the game or have been playing your entire life, Callaway has a wide range of products that could appeal to your needs. The latest Epic Super Hybrid was created using some of the technology that has made the Callaway golf drivers some of the best that the game offers. There are some features about the Epic Super Hybrid that make it stand out from the competition. If you want to know if this new hybrid release could be for you, keep on reading! 

Features and Benefits of The Callaway Epic Super Hybrid 

Callaway has announced that the new Epic Super Hybrid is the most technologically advanced hybrid that has ever come to market. The technologies are used to increase ball speed, distance, and forgiveness. 

AI Design 

For the last few years, Callaway has used Artificial Intelligence to improve the technology in all of their golf clubs. The new Callaway Epic Super Hybrid benefits from AI and the idea that a hybrid can perform in the same way a driver does. The Super Hybrid steals the technology used in the Epic drivers and puts them into a smaller, more forgiving, and higher lofted clubhead to create incredible distance performance. 

Jailbreak Velocity Blades

The Jailbreak technology is not going anywhere, and in fact, it just keeps getting better. The new Velocity Blades used in the hybrid will allow the club’s face to flex, but they keep the overall body of the club stiff. This gives golfers that trampoline-like effect off of the face. 

Optifit Hosel 

Adjustability in a hybrid is such an important feature. With the Optifit hosel, there are adjustable sole weights to help improve ball flight and, at the same time, increase MOI. Most golfers switching to the Callaway Epic Super Hybrid find that the club feels like a driver that you can hit from the fairway and rough-like conditions. With loft options in the 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 hybrids, you can put a few of these in your bag if they happen to be a good choice. 

Who Should Play With the Callaway Epic Super Hybrid? 

As you can see, the technology from Callaway just keeps getting better. The Callaway Epic Super Hybrid has such advanced technology that it will stay relevant for years to come. The golfers finding the Super Hybrid to be the best fit are those in the mid handicap range. 

The club had minimal offset, plenty of forgiveness but incredible distance. The only issue that some players have had with the Super Hybrid is that the size is quite large. If you prefer a smaller profile in your clubhead, the Apex could be a better choice. 

If you struggle with distance from the fairway, the Epic Super Hybrid could be the perfect fit. The distance is impressive when the ball comes off the clubface and will be very similar to the feel and MOI seen in the Callaway Epic drivers.

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