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Callaway Full Toe Wedges: Who Are They For?

The Callaway Jaws series of wedges has been one of the top-performing wedges for many years. The Jaws wedges combined with the new Mack Daddy CB wedges allow for several great combinations for any handicap. However, there is always room for improvement, and that is where the new Callaway Full Toe wedges come into play. This is an entirely new addition to the Jaws line. The goal with the Full Toe wedges is to give golfers more control. If you want to hit shots that allow control in chips and pitches, the Full Toe will be a  perfect choice to consider. 

Offset Groove In Groove Technology 

The new Offset Groove in Groove technology will help any player get more spin on their shots. So many golfers think that their lack of spin around the greens results from their playing ability. In reality, it can be the equipment. 

With the combination of the raw face and the Offset Groove In-Groove technology, you will be able to spin the Jaws Full Toe. In addition, this extra spin helps golfers control distance as well. 

Specialized C Grind 

Most Jaws wedges are available in many different grind options. The new Full Toe wedges come with only the C Grind option. C Grind is specialized for shorter shots, bunker shots, and flop shots. You may not want a C Grind Full Toe on all of your wedges, but having a lob or sand wedge with these specifications can be a great tool in your golf bag. 

Higher Center of Gravity 

The higher center of gravity of the Full Toe wedges may surprise you. A higher center of gravity will typically lower the trajectory. The benefit of the lower trajectory on the Full Toe is more control and forgiveness as well. 

With the Groove in Groove technology, there is still plenty of spin, even if the shot is not goign relatively as high. 

Where To Use the Callaway Full Toe Wedges?

The great thing about the Callaway Full Toe wedges is that they will work both on approach shots and short shots around the green. We like this wedge a bit more for the shorter shots and bunkers, but you can also approach a green with this club in your hand. 

Who Should Play The Callaway Full Toe Wedges? 

The Callaway Full Toe wedges are best for people looking for more control and spin around the greens. The Full Toe has more forgiveness than the traditional Jaws-style wedges and not as much forgiveness as the Callaway Mack Daddy CB. 

You will notice that the loft options on the Full Toe wedges are a bit more limited than the Jaws wedges. This is because the specifications and technology of this wedge are built more for the shorter controlled shots. 

If you are looking for a new wedge in 2021 that provides more spin, impressive turf interaction, and lots of versatility, put one of these new Callaway Full Toe wedges in your golf bag.

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