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Callaway JAWS Raw Wedge

Callaway has been pushing through the Mack Daddy series of wedges for several years. With the latest release of the JAWS Raw wedge, it seems as though Mack Daddy may have retired. If you have been playing the Mack Daddy wedges for several years and are ready for an upgrade, the new JAWS Raw is the most logical next step. These wedges will release on July 8th, 2022. Here is everything you should know about Callaway JAWS Raw before it hits the market. 

Callaway JAWS Raw Features and Benefits 

The Callaway JAWS Raw is the next step in a series of impressive wedges that Callaway has been putting on the market for years. For those that have enjoyed Callaway wedges, the good news is that there are no major changes here. After all, the MD5 was a solid club, but a few tweaks to performance to increase spin and consistency certainly don’t hurt!

New Raw Face Design 

The raw face design of the Callaway JAWS Raw wedge features a raw finish. Essentially, this means the face of the club is not treated or coated after it is produced. The result is that there will be rusting on the face. 

Many golfers like the feel of the raw finish better and notice that the club feels more responsive. When tested head to head with non Raw finish wedges, the spin rates are relatively close to the same. 

Increased Spin In Wet Conditions

The Callaway JAWS Raw has seen an increase in spin from wet conditions. Playing around the greens means you will likely be hitting out of the rough from time to time. 

We know that roughs stay wet longer than the short grass, and the ball often slips on the clubface when hitting out of the rough. The groove in groove technology on the JAWS raw will keep the ball spinning correctly and ensure the grooves are clear of debris. 

17 Loft and Grind Combinations

The new Callaway JAWS raw comes in 17 different lofts and grind combinations. This wide range of choices makes the JAWS a wedge solution that can work for any golfer. In addition, there is a stock graphite and stock steel shaft to accommodate different clubhead speeds. 

New Z Grind 

Golf manufacturers realize that players are trying to control ball flight a bit more, and a wedge with more of a piercing flight is often more effective than something that flies too high. The Z Grind allows golfers better turf interaction, a bit less dig, and a crisp and penetrating ball flight that promotes higher spin. 

Callaway JAWS Raw Release 

The Callaway JAWS raw is set to hit the market late in July, but pre-order will begin on 7/8/22. Golfers progressing through the Mack Daddy series will notice that the Callaway JAWS raw is a bit cleaner looking, has some added control, and has better overall performance out of the rough. At Fairway Jockey, you can preorder your JAWS with the proper shaft, grip, and custom specifications to fit your game.


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