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Callaway Paradym Driver and Fairway Woods

The brand new Callaway Paradym driver is about to hit the market. If you are ready for something that is a little bit different but also carries some of the Callaway technology that you have likely fallen in love with through the years, the Paradym could be a good fit. Let’s take a look at what the new Callaway Paradym Driver and woods have to offer and whether or not they could be a good fit for your golf game. 

Callaway Paradym Features and Benefits 

Callaway has gone carbon! The new Carbon concept started to make its mark on the world of golf last year, and it seems like it is not going to be slowing down. 

Callaway’s First 360 Degree Carbon Chassis 

The new Callaway Paradym driver features a carbon crown and a forged carbon sole. Golf manufacturers are starting to switch to carbon material to promote more ball speed, with a lighter feel in the club head. Where Callaway saved weight by using the carbon, they inserted technology to ensure higher ball speed and increased forgiveness. 

Jailbreak AI Technology 

Jailbreak technology is nothing new, but it does keep getting better and better. The Jailbreak AI provides stability in the head and allows for a higher level of ball speed for golfers. The newest version of Jailbreak Technology is lighter, which again helps players get more speed. 

AI Designed Face 

Callaway was one of the first golf manufacturers to use AI. With the way that AI has evolved and expanded in recent years now, we see enhancements in speed, launch, and even dispersion. The Face Cup Technology was still incorporated into the forged titanium to ensure maximum performance. 

Even though this driver has a 360-degree carbon chassis, it does not have a carbon face. 

High MOI

We know that drives that spend some time up in the air and have a low spin rate will get the best overall distance. The Paradym is known for having a higher launch, and depending on the model you choose, there is a slight draw bias to help straighten things out for the average player. 


The new Callaway Paradym Driver will come in a standard X and TD version to ensure that there is a fit for every golfer in the lineup. The Paradym fairway woods will feature much of the same technology with an emphasis on that new carbon sole. 

Final Thoughts 

The key to any new driver or wood in your bag is ensuring you get the proper shaft and grip to match your preferences. Fairway Jockey will have a full line of Paradym golf clubs and all of the customization potential that you will need. 

Callaway did a great job combining the old with the new in the Paradym line, and it will be interesting to see how golfers are using these advances in technology to better their game. If it’s time to upgrade your Callaway clubs this year, the Paradym could be the way to do it.


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