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Callaway Rogue ST TD-S: Who Is It For?

The Callaway Rogue ST drivers have made quite a splash in 2022. These clubs are doing so well because of their incredible distance and forgiveness performance. However, they also have an impressive feel with the new Tungsten Speed Cartridge and the Triaxial Carbon Crown. The Callaway Rogue ST TD-S should be custom fitted to a player's needs because of the unique performance attributes of this club. 

What Is The Callaway Rogue ST TD-S

The Callaway Rogue ST TD-S is a smaller version of the Callaway Triple Diamond model. This model has the smallest club head size of any of the Callaway Rogue drivers with a 440cc golf club head. 

With a smaller clubhead, the head weight is also slightly reduced, making it a bit easier to get that extra clubhead speed you may be looking for. 

The smaller Rogue ST TD-S has a neutral shot shape and mid spin performance. If you have played the Epic Speed driver in the past, you will notice that the spin and shot shape are very similar to this model. 

Benefits of the Callaway Rogue ST TD-S

The Callaway Rogue ST TD-s being a bit smaller than the other Rogue models, has some unique performance benefits that are worth considering. 

More Control

With the smaller clubhead size, it is easier to work the ball. Players will be able to control ball flight when it comes to launch as well as direction. With this extra control, be sure to consider whether you are a player that knows how to work the ball. 

No Draw Bias

The standard Triple Diamond driver from Rogue has a slight draw bias. The draw bias is great for a golfer with a little unwanted fade. However, with the Callaway Rogue ST TD-S, you can greatly benefit from a neutral shot shape. 

Mid Spin Features

The Callaway Rogue ST TD-S also has mid spin features that work for a broader range of players. Many better players are limited in the driver selections available to them because of the number of low spin options on the market. Having this mid spin choice in the mix is a great benefit of the Callaway Rogue ST TD-S.


The 2g adjustable weight will even further increase the customization and capability of this golf driver. Players will feel more control with their ability to place the ball on the course and hit the most natural drives to their game. 

Who Should Play The Next Callaway Rogue ST TD-S? 

The Callaway Rogue ST TD-S is for a better player that wants distance, control, and a great feel from a golf driver. With the Callaway Rogue ST TD-S expect plenty of clubhead speed from the slightly smaller 440cc club head. In addition, players should see an increase in the ability to work the ball left and right as well as control the ball's flight. 

Callaway has built out this Rouge ST line to fit the needs of a wide range of players. The key is to find the model that works best for you.


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