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Camilo Villegas WITB - Butterfield Bermuda Championship

Greetings, golf aficionados! The Butterfield Bermuda Championship witnessed a fierce showdown, and I'm thrilled to dissect the meticulously crafted arsenal that propelled me to victory. Camilo Villegas here, walking you through the strategic weaponry that conquered those challenging fairways.


Meet the powerhouse off the tee – the Titleist TSi3. Paired with the Project X HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 65 X shaft, it's a precision instrument that seamlessly blends power and control, ensuring every drive is a masterpiece.

Fairway Woods


Navigating the fairways with finesse requires the right tools. The TaylorMade M4 at 16.5 degrees, armed with the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX 6.0 75 shaft, was Villegas' go-to for versatile fairway shots. And introducing the TaylorMade M2 at 21 degrees, boasting the Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75 6.0 shaft, offering that extra oomph when needed.


The Titleist TSi2 hybrid – a game-changer for those in-between shots. With a 24-degree loft and the Project X HZRDUS Black 105 6.5 shaft, it's the strategic solution for maneuvering through diverse terrains with confidence.


The backbone of precision – the iron lineup. From the Srixon ZX MK II for long-range accuracy to the ZX7 MK II for the approach game, each armed with Project X 6.5 shafts, these irons are the key to consistent, controlled play.


Around the green, finesse is paramount. The Vokey Design SM9 wedges at 54 and 60 degrees, boasting Project X 6.5 shafts, provided the finesse and spin control necessary for those critical birdie opportunities.


The finishing touch – the L.A.B. Golf Mezz.1 Max. This putter became Villegas' ally on the greens, offering the stability and precision needed for those make-or-break putts.


Camilo Villegas' triumph at the Butterfield Bermuda Championship was a testament to a calculated combination of skill and accuracy.  This was the first win in nine years for Villegas and it couldn't come sooner.  Camilo Villegas has got his swagger back!


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