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Can I Buy Shaft Only on Fairway Jockey? (w/o adapter)

Golfers are getting more and more interested in their own custom fitting. With the increase in golf technology and the ability of players to check their own stats and results using portable launch monitors, there has been a significant increase in the number of golf shaft purchases. The golf shaft will significantly impact the overall performance of the golf club you play with, and Fairway Jockey provides a large selection of top golf shaft brands. One thing that many customers have noticed is that the golf shafts typically come with an adapter. This creates some questions that we felt needed clarifying. 

Can I Buy Shaft Only On Fairway Jockey

Fairway Jockey can send you a shaft for your new driver or fairway wood, but it will need to have an adapter attached to it. The adapter will fit into your current set of clubs, and Fairway Jockey fits this part onto the shaft for you. The reason that we must do this is that golf shaft manufacturers require it. 

To protect the product's performance and reputation, the shaft companies only work with certain club brands, which does change which clubs you can buy a replacement shaft for. Depending on the shaft, you will have an upcharge that also varies in price. 

How Much Is An Adapter? 

The adapter is included as an upcharge on the cost of the shaft you purchase. The adapters will vary in price, but most are around $20. The adapter does make it considerably easier to install the new shaft, and it will ensure the best possible overall performance. 

Are Shafts Available For All Driver Heads? 

One of the best ways to see if your golf club head will support a new driver shaft is to use the Fairway Jockey system. When you find a club shaft that you like, you can then look at the adapter options to see if there is something that will work with your current equipment. 

Many golf clubs can date back several years and still have an adapter available for them. If you ever have questions about the compatibility of an adapter with your current golf club head, the experts at Fairway Jockey can help give you the information you need. 

Can I Install My Own Golf Shaft? 

Once you get your golf shaft with an adapter from Fairway Jockey, you will be able to install it yourself or take it to a local golf club fitting center and have them install it for you. When purchasing the shaft, you can also choose the grip and any SST Pureing you would like done. Golfers can also choose the total length of the shaft that works best for their game. 


We hope you now understand the reasoning behind why you must purchase an adapter with your golf shaft. This process has allowed golfers across the world to purchase new golf shafts for their current clubs, and it is likely the way we will see this process continue for years to come.


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