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Cleveland CBX Full Face 2 Now Available for Custom Orders

The new Cleveland CBX Full Face 2 has just hit the market, and it has brought some exciting new technology along with it. The Full Face concept from Cleveland allows for more workability and versatility in a golf wedge, regardless of your handicap. One of the most important features that Cleveland focused on in 2023 was making sure that the Cleveland wedges still had impressive spin rates when hitting out of the wet rough.

Cleveland CBX Full Face 2 Features and Benefits

The Cleveland CBX Full Face 2 has the largest clubface of any CBX wedge on the market. In addition, its the largest face of any CBX wedge that Cleveland has ever produced. The technology allows players to hit a variety of shots from any location, all with one wedge.

Loft Availability To Carry More Than One

The CBX Full Face 2 is available in lofts from 50 to 60 in 2-degree increments. Many golfers are finding that with the way you can manipulate the face of the CBX Full Face 2 and get it to react, having both the sand wedge and the lob wedge in the higher lofts is a great option.

HydraZip Technology For Wet and Dry Conditions

The HydraZip Technology allows players to get spin even when the grass is wet. In the past, the grooves of the club would fill with water, and the chance of generating spin was lost. With HydraZip Technology, this is no longer an issue, and golfers can have more confidence in approach shots around the green.

Matte Finish For Better Looks

The Tour Satin has been the standard for Cleveland in these CBX Full Face wedges. However, with the new Full Face 2, you will find a matte style finish that reduces glare and improves the overall look and styling of the club head.

New Sole Designs Featuring More Forgiveness

The Cleveland CBX Full Face 2 has two different sole designs. One is a Full Sole design on the lower lofted, 50 and 52-degree wedges. In the 54 to 60-degree wedges, you will find the C Shaped sole with a bit of extra bounce and more versatility.

By creating these two different soles, golfers can get performance from the Cleveland CBX Full Face 2 with the full swing and shorter shots around the green.

Ability to Hit Extreme Open Face Shots

Golfers that learn how to be more creative around the greens can get some impressive results. With the full face profile of the Cleveland CBX Full Face 2, golfers can open the face, have more contact with the grooves, and take advantage of forgiveness wherever they strike the ball.

Final Thoughts

Cleveland has one of the best selections of golf wedges on the market. The Full Face 2 helps golfers feel more confident in their chip shots and create unique solutions when they find themselves in tough spots on the course. At Fairway Jockey, the Cleveland Full Face 2 wedge is available in several different shaft and grip configurations to make sure it blends perfectly with the rest of your golf set.


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