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Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Drivers

A new era has begun with the Cleveland Launcher XL 2 drivers. These game-changing drivers, available in standard and draw models, redefine the limits of size and forgiveness. Discover the remarkable features that set the XL 2 apart and make it a must-have for golfers.

Unprecedented Size for Ultimate Forgiveness

Witness the extraordinary size of the Cleveland Launcher XL 2 drivers, challenging the norms set by industry regulations for the past two decades. The XL 2 drivers boldly approach the edge of the size limits, offering an expansive face that translates to increased forgiveness. The commitment to size isn't just a gimmick; it's a dedicated effort to minimize the impact of off-center hits for average golfers. This design focuses on enhancing the moment of inertia (MOI) both horizontally (heel to toe) and vertically (high to low on the face).

Unlike other drivers influenced by tour preferences, the XL 2 is unapologetically tailored for the average golfer. According to Dustin Brekke, the director of engineering at Cleveland, the larger size aims to meet the needs of 75 percent of avid golfers. Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in achieving optimal forgiveness through "Mainframe Weighting," a technology that considers various factors to deliver the best results in terms of sweet spot, MOI, and overall performance.

Innovative Face Design with Rebound Frame Technology

Beneath the surface, the XL 2 boasts an ingenious face design supported by Rebound Frame technology. This technology, initially developed for Srixon drivers, introduces alternating stiff and flexible zones surrounding the face. The result is a secondary flex zone in the crown and sole, allowing more of the face to flex at impact.

Despite a slightly smaller face area, strategically crafted to accommodate a wider and longer body, the XL 2's face excels in optimizing performance on off-center hits. A flared toe section minimizes ball speed loss on toe impacts, particularly those lower on the face. The design is a testament to Cleveland's commitment to providing golfers with consistent and efficient performance across the entire face.

Launcher XL 2 Draw: Countering the Slice

Recognizing the common struggle with slices, Cleveland introduces the Launcher XL 2 Draw. This adjustable draw version features a footprint skewed toward the heel side, combined with heel-side internal weighting to create draw bias. The lie angle is a degree more upright than the standard model, further addressing the slicing issue.

To ensure optimal ball speeds and distance on off-center hits, the internal weighting is strategically distributed in the deep perimeter. This thoughtful design prevents the sacrifice of off-center distance that could occur if all excess mass were concentrated in the heel. Both models also incorporate an eight-gram counterweight in the grip's butt end, enhancing control and efficiency on the downswing, a technology successfully employed in the company's higher-end XXIO-branded clubs.


The Cleveland Launcher XL 2 drivers aren't just clubs; they're a transformative force for average golfers, delivering unmatched forgiveness, performance, and control. Elevate your golf game and embrace the future of golf technology with the Cleveland Launcher XL 2 drivers.


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