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Cleveland Launcher XL Series

It’s that time of year again when all the best companies in the game start releasing their latest and greatest technology. Cleveland is sticking with the Launcher series that has been in play for many years, but the new XL line brings some new and updated performance to the market. The XL series features drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. Let’s take a look at some of the updated features of this XL series and what it has to offer golfers this season. 

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

We have learned in the past that a large driver can help you hit the ball quite a bit further. The new Launcher XL is a huge clubhead packed with some of the highest MOI technology on the market. 

The brand new Rebound frame allows for more flexibility in the club head allowing golfers to feel like they are hitting with a club that responds specifically to their swing. 

Many of the Cleveland drivers in the past few years have not had an adjustable loft. With the Launcher XL Driver, you get up to 3 degrees of loft adjustment so you can set the driver to precisely what you need it to be. 

The Launcher XL is a bit longer than standard to help give golfers the extra ball speed necessary; however, you can also purchase the club in standard length to feel as though you have more control. 

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver

If you love everything about the new Launcher XL, but you need the lightest technology on the market, you can go with the Launcher XL Lite. With this driver, you will lose the adjustability but get some additional lightweight performance. 

The new counterweight in the grip helps golfers swing a club faster while still feeling where the club is and how it is moving throughout the swing. The Launcher XL Lite comes in a draw version for those looking to eliminate the slice. 

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Fairway 

The new Launcher XL Halo Fairway makes hitting a fairway wood shot from the short grass easier than it ever has been. With guide rails to improve turf interaction and the 8g weight in the butt end of the club, you will have complete feel and control over what you are doing with these fairway woods in your hands. 

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hy-Wood

The Halo Hy-Wood is a mix between a hybrid and a fairway wood, a unique club that many manufacturers will likely follow. The hybrid will swing like a hybrid, launch like a hybrid and forgive like a hybrid with the distance of the fairway wood. Many golfers are putting a mix of fairways, Hy-wood’s and hybrids in their bag for the perfect combination of forgiveness and distance. 

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid 

Similar to the other clubs in the Cleveland Launcher XL series, the Halo Hybrid is one of the most forgiving hybrid golf clubs on the market. It doesn’t matter what your lie looks like; with the larger clubhead, the low center of gravity, action mass weighting, and flexible face, the ball will move quickly when it makes contact with the XL Halo Hybrid. 

This impressive new line from Cleveland has not quite hit the market yet, but you can preorder everything, fit to your specifications from Fairway Jockey.


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