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Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore (Who Is It For?)

The Cleveland RTX line of wedges has changed quite a bit through the years. The general principle of that low center of gravity and impressive low-density core remains strong. However, certain tweaks have been made to encourage better ball flight, feel, and consistency. The latest release of the Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore brings something even more impressive to the market; a wedge that any golfer can use. If you are in need of new wedges in 2023, the RTX 6 ZipCore could be exactly what works for your game.

Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Features and Benefits

The Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore is a clean-looking golf wedge with a new HydraZip face, lots of spin, and performance from almost any condition or lie.

Maximum Spin

If you ask golf professionals why they have Cleveland wedges in the bag, the answer you will likely get is “spin.” The Cleveland wedges have always offered high spin rates around the green, but the numbers are even higher in the new RTX 6 ZipCore.

Cleveland RTX 6 Zipcore wedges have a new dynamic blast media and laser pattern that is specific to the loft of the wedge that you are using. For instance, if you have a 46 degree wedge, you may not want it to spin quite as hard as a 60 degree wedge. Cleveland was prepared for this and incorporated that into the wedges.

New HydraZip Technology

The new HydraZip Technology is there to help golfers create spin out of wet grass or thick rough. With modern launch monitors and technology, we have been able to test wedges to a more precise level in recent years.

One of the areas that golf wedges were lacking was spin from wet conditions. With the new HydraZip, this is no longer a concern. The great thing about HydraZip is that you can still get these high levels of spin even from dry conditions and a perfect lie.

Ultizip Grooves Are Here To Stay

The Ultizip grooves have been in the last few ZipCore models, and Cleveland is not about to retire them. The deeper groove lines in the RTX 6 are also sharper than we have seen in the past. The result is more bite on the greens, even when playing fast greens.

Who Should Play The New RTX 6 Zipcore?

The new RTX 6 ZipCore wedges have technology that is good enough for PGA Tour professionals as well as the average golfer and even high handicaps. There is nothing about this wedge that would leave you feeling that performance is limited based on handicap.

Final Thoughts

Cleveland makes buying new wedges easy, and Fairway Jockey makes it even easier. The new Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore wedges can be customized to meet the needs of your golf game. Whether you are a new player or an aspiring professional, we have a variety of loft, grip, bounce, and shaft combinations to get your wedge game dialed in for 2023.


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