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Cobra Aerojet Release

The Cobra LTDx of 2022 was a big hit. Golfers loved the sleek look and the incredible ball speed of this club. In 2023 Cobra wanted to add a bit more speed and some new Power Bridge technology. In addition, for the first time in a driver's head from Cobra, we are seeing the A.I. technology that companies like Callaway have been using for years. Let's take a look at the Cobra Aerojet line and everything it has to offer.

Cobra Aerojet Drivers & Fairway Woods

There are three drivers in the Cobra Aerojet lineup. These include the standard model, the Max, and the L.S. The idea behind all three of these drives was to create a faster shape with more forgiveness.

The Aerojet drivers feature a new PWR-Bridge weighing. This is a suspended bridge weight inside the clubhead that allows for a more flexible face and a lower center of gravity. If you want to hit it further, the PWR-Bridge can help.

In addition, the new H.O.T. Face design adds a variable thickness pattern for more efficiency and better ball speeds, even on missed hits. The driver also features an adjustable loft sleeve to appeal to more players.

Cobra Aerojet Hybrid

The Cobra Aerojet hybrid is a versatile hybrid that comes in a standard and one-length model. The Aerojet has a high launch and incredible forgiveness. Long approach shots to the green are no longer a concern, with the Aerojet hybrid replacing your long irons.

Each of the Aerojet hybrids has a low center of gravity and the newly forged PWRSHELL face insert. A.I. was used on this golf club as well to ensure more consistent spin across the face and optimize the H.O.T. face technology.

Cobra Aerojet Irons

The Cobra Aerojet irons are game improvement irons that have a new PWR-Bridge Weighting. The new weighting system has 30% more face flex than previous Cobra irons, resulting in some incredible distance capability.

The set comes in both a standard and one length model and will be geared toward mid to high handicap golfers.

The aesthetics of the Aerojet irons have gone through some changes to make them a bit more appealing for the average golfer and encourage a bit more confidence. The irons come in a 4-SW, and the lofts are quite strong. The pitching wedge has a loft of 41.5, so expect quite a bit of distance from Aerojet.

Final Thoughts

The Cobra brand has done a great job of giving golfers distance, forgiveness, and adjustability for many years. However, in the last few years, they have really improved upon their speed technology. If you want to hit the ball a long way, Cobra can help.

The Aerojet line will start shipping on January 20th, but you can preorder them starting today with Fairway Jockey. The Cobra Aerojet irons are fully customizable with a variety of shaft and grip offerings. If your clubs are ready for an upgrade in 2023, the Cobra Aerojet should be on your list.


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