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Cobra DARKSPEED Drivers

Cobra Golf has once again captured the spotlight with the launch of their Darkspeed Line. Promising to be the "fastest driver ever," Cobra is setting a new standard for speed, distance, and precision. Join us at Fairway Jockey as we delve into the groundbreaking features of the Darkspeed X, Darkspeed Max, Darkspeed Max Women’s, and Darkspeed LS, the stars of Cobra's 2024 lineup.

Cobra Darkspeed Line Overview

In a market where most brands are pushing the MOI barrier, Cobra is turning heads by prioritizing speed and distance with the Darkspeed Line. Rickie Fowler, a prominent figure in the golf world, has already embraced the Darkspeed LS driver, making a statement about the performance capabilities of these cutting-edge clubs.

AI Integration in Golf Club Manufacturing

Cobra continues to lead the way in golf club innovation by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the Darkspeed range. The result is a smarter clubface that is meticulously engineered to optimize performance. This fusion of technology and golf expertise ensures that each swing is met with precision and efficiency.

Technological Advancements

The Darkspeed drivers showcase significant improvements over their predecessor, the AeroJet. Cobra has focused on enhancing key components like the PWRSHELL insert, PWR Bridge, and the A.I. designed H.O.T. Face. These modifications contribute to out-of-this-world speed without compromising forgiveness and accuracy.

Darkspeed X Driver

With lofts of 9°, 10.5°, and 12°, this driver caters to a broad range of golfers, offering a perfect balance of aerodynamics, speed, and forgiveness. The progressive aerodynamic technology and customizable features make the Darkspeed X a standout choice for both amateur and professional players.

Darkspeed Max Driver

The Darkspeed Max caters to golfers seeking maximum forgiveness without sacrificing speed. With lofts of 9°, 10.5°, and 12°, the Max model is designed to keep your shots on target, making it an ideal choice for those battling a fade or slice. The two interchangeable weights provide versatility, allowing golfers to fine-tune their ball flight.

Darkspeed Max Women’s Driver

The Darkspeed Max Women’s driver offers the same forgiveness as the standard Max model, with a touch of style. The subtle blue accents make it visually appealing to female golfers, while the draw-biased design helps straighten shots. It's a testament to Cobra's commitment to inclusivity in golf equipment design.

Darkspeed LS Driver

The Darkspeed LS driver stands out as the low-spinning option in the Darkspeed family. With lofts of 8°, 9°, and 10.5°, it caters to Tour players and elite amateurs. Inspired by Long Drive Champion Kyle Berkshire's prototype, the LS model prioritizes aerodynamics, making it the fastest and most aerodynamic head in the lineup.

Aerodynamics and Performance

Cobra's emphasis on aerodynamics is a game-changer. The Darkspeed LS, in particular, takes the lead in this aspect, offering the most aerodynamic profile. The LS model's eight-degree option further showcases Cobra's commitment to pushing the boundaries of speed, with notable gains observed in clubhead speed in testing scenarios.

Darkspeed Aesthetics

The sleek and dramatic dark color scheme of the Darkspeed drivers adds a touch of sophistication. Inspired by fast cars and airplanes, Cobra has created a visually striking lineup that appeals to a wide range of golfers. The color-coded system simplifies the selection process, helping golfers identify the characteristics of each model at a glance.


Cobra's Darkspeed Line represents a significant leap forward in golf club technology. With a focus on speed, forgiveness, and precision, these drivers cater to golfers of all abilities. Fairway Jockey invites you to explore the Darkspeed range and experience the thrill of unparalleled performance on the golf course. Step into the future of golf with Cobra's fastest drivers ever.


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