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Cobra LTDx Hybrids and Fairways

The Cobra LTDx hybrids and fairway woods are the latest releases from the Cobra brand. Cobra has always had some impressive technology in the long game since the release of the Baffler rail technology. The concept that Cobra has always gone with is that the better the turf interaction, the easier it is for players to score. That concept has continued in the new LTDx line, and there are some great options here for players of all handicaps and playing styles. Let’s look at the new hybrids and fairways in the Cobra LTDx line and all that they are capable of. 

Cobra LTDx Fairway Woods

The Cobra LTDx Fairway woods have a brand new technology called H.O.T. Face. The concept is allowing for incredibly high ball speeds across the entire face of the club. Combining that with a carbon crown and Baffler rails, the fairway woods are highly capable. 

H.O.T. Face Technology 

The H.O.T face technology stands for Highly Optimized Topology. Essentially, Cobra took the entire clubface, and instead of making it thin all the way across, they perfected the thickness in the areas where it matters the most. The club face is divided into 15 zones that all have optimized performance. This is a very advanced club head. 

Progressive Baffler Rails 

The Baffler Rails are impressive technology for players, but there is no question that these rails being more pronounced is something that benefits the 7 wood and 5 wood the most. The 3 wood has slightly less visible baffler rails to help with the occasional 3 wood tee shot. 

Back Weighted 

Twelve grams of weight were added to the back of the LTDx hybrids. This increases launch and allows for plenty of forgiveness. If you are currently disappointed with the distance you get from your fairway woods; the Cobra LTDx can help. 

Cobra LTDx Hybrids

The Cobra LTDx hybrids feature many of the same technologies that you will find in the fairway woods. There are, however, some unique characteristics that you should know before purchasing the Cobra LTDx hybrids. 

One Length Option

Just like the irons in the Cobra LTDx series, the irons also offer a one length option for players. The one length option makes it much easier for players to have consistent performance with their hybrids. If you find you hit many approach shots with your hybrids, the Cobra One length is a great option. 

PWRSHELL Face Technology 

The Cobra LTDx Hybrids feature the new PWRSHELL Face technology. This is a very strong but thin steel design that allows for more flexing in the club face. This face has helped golfers to get more ball speed and a higher overall launch. 

The Cobra LTDx hybrids come in lofts that will vary from the 2 hybrid to the 6 hybrid. If you find that this is a good fit for your bag, you will have no problem building out a set.


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